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Erotic massage london

Filed in Erotic Massage, Erotic Massage London | Posted by Harmony on October 24, 2013

Erotic Massage London with specialist masseuses, deliver a more special sensual and erotic massage, by using Erotic touch, very essential techniques are applied, using hand movements, and subtle finger touch, in the most desirable places. Joy Erotic massage London are specially tailor made to suit individual clients, and therefore your experience will always be unique. […]

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How to book a Tantric Massage

Filed in Blog | Posted by Harmony on October 11, 2013

  How to book a Tantric massage? Decide on the day, and time you want, go the gallery and choose your favourite massage  girl, all the ladies that work here are all qualified in Sensual touch, especially our tantric. Do you need to book today?  that’s fine, please choose your best time that you are […]

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Outcall Massage

Filed in Uncategorized | Posted by Harmony on September 9, 2013

Outcall Tantric Sensual Massage is available 7 days a week. Are you coming to visit London, you are welcome to book an outcall or an incall erotic massage, we can be with you in one hour and sometimes in less time even, depending which masseuses is free upon request. We can visit you in your […]

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Nuru Massage London

Filed in Naked massage | Posted by Harmony on September 1, 2013

A very sensational experience is waiting for you! masseuses who specialise in naked massages with a variety of treatments, it opens up your senses to an extraordinary erotic level! an experience not to be missed! after taking a shower, the NAKED masseuse, will use her expert hands, to relax you and sensually stimulate, your entire […]

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Tantric Massage for Men

Filed in Uncategorized | Posted by Harmony on August 31, 2013

Welcome to Joys Tantric Massage for Men, right in the heart of central London. This style of massage is not just sensual, its everything a man can want. it includes many parts that yet have to be discovered, even if you think you know tantric massage, each time you learn a little more. It is […]

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Nuru massage in London

Filed in Nuru Massage | Posted by Harmony on August 27, 2013

Lets get slippery! Nuru massage London masseuses use their naked bodies to tantalise you, fully nude masseuse, will use her entire nakedness  telephone – 07538778018 to slide and glide all over your entire body. Feel my naked soft skin next to yours, this entire massage is done on a special bed, using this Japanese gel, […]

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sexy massage London

Filed in Blog | Posted by Harmony on August 27, 2013

Sexy massages  London, offer many different styles to choose!  There are so many now available,  it will be hard to choose from! but if explained how some of them work and function, what is available, you may get to try some. One of the most popular over the last 20 years is the actual ‘Tantric […]

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Yoni Massage London

Filed in Uncategorized | Posted by Harmony on August 26, 2013

Joy Tantric Massage London, based in Bayswater, w2.  teach Yoni Massage in London,  telephone – 07538778018. We teach sensual massages including Tantric and the special intimate erotic massage, known as yoni massage. We start with relaxation then leading to the real art of touch,  this is a special blend, that is individualised and styled differently, […]

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Tantric experience

Filed in Blog, Tantric Massage London | Posted by Harmony on August 23, 2013

Tantric Massage can be very supreme in every sense of the word, with the ability to understand how deeply tantric energy will give you sexual knowledge beyond sex itself! Its not about getting yourself to have an orgasm or even for that matter any old orgasm! …. After massaging tantrically for over 20 years, I […]

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Foot Fetish Massage

Filed in Massage | Posted by Harmony on August 22, 2013

Foot Fetish massage in London, have become more popular, they take you out of your normal routine, and escape to explore your inner fantasies! Here at Joy’s, we delight in giving sensual and erotic sessions that will include a range of fun and various fantasies for you to choose, both ladies and guys, can find […]

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