Foot Fetish Massage

Foot Fetish massage in London, have become more popular, they take you out of your normal routine, and escape to explore your inner fantasies!

sensual and erotic sessions

Here at Joy’s, we delight in giving sensual and erotic sessions that will include a range of fun and various fantasies for you to choose, both ladies and guys, can find sheer pleasure and  really enjoy, all types of feet therapy, from massaging them, teasing or even kissing feet, if its finely and sensually done it appeals to the foot fetish connoiseur! it can be very erotic, it is something one would have to explore in order to find out if it appeals to you !

I met a lady who actually found she could achieve orgasm by a guy kissing her feet or sucking her toes! although that sounds bizzarre, we are all different and in tantra we see that any part of the body can be sensual or erotic, depends on who you are!

I even massage a man’s face and he told me he found it very sensual! although it surprised me I understood that we are all very sensitive in different areas of our body. Sometimes we can be repressed, not knowingly yet certain areas of the body when massaged can have a releasing effect, emotionally and physically therefore we can tap into our deepest emotions.

Massages are a doorway to body our deepest repressed feelings, it can release fears, tears, anger, sadness, and even make us smile, laugh or cry, we must respect that, so we can understand the mind and body connection.

The feet have many nerve endings, and in Reflexology there are zones and points which release tight or painfull parts that can stimulate the nerves relating to each organ in the body, this is how reflexology works, by working on the sore points it slowly dissipates  and rebalances the inner organs in the body, this helps to bring harmony to our body it includes every single organ in the body includes glands and hormones. That is another reason, the feet are not just for walking they too have many untold stories!

One of our therapists, will massage you but make the session special to your fantasy requirements, let us know what you like, role play, fantasy, kissing, stroking, etc!

Foot foreplay, is not that unusual, and some of you may like to be teased and tickled in different areas as well as the feet of course, sense your way and explore!

We can use feathers, or get you to wear a mask, so some of your other senses become more awakened, this sharpens your other senses, to receive the sensual stimulants from a different perspective!

Are you ready to learn how to massage the girls body, or just her feet? we will show you how we like it, everyone’s different so, we will get ready by both of us having a shower and making sure we are very clean for this alluring, session of playing footsy together!

Its all tailor made around what you would like to do and achieve, if you want some massage on your back or different parts of your body, of course we can incorporate that, or maybe even some ‘role-play’ ?

Role-play means that we will act in a fantasy role-play, for example I may be entering a shoe shop, to buy some new shoes, I will walk in with my beautifull feet toenails will be  painted in red or pink, which do you prefer?

You will be my assist and who asks me which shoes I want to try, you will remove my stockings off slowly, and you will admire my lovely feet,  at this point you will look at them and adore them, you will ask me, would I like to try those open toe sling-backs, or something that really exposes my feet, you will be admiring them a lot, and you will start to caress them, slowly, gradually, it will be very ticklish and titillating! and of course its my pleasure too!

You will get carried away, slowly kissing my feet and toes, and love every moment!

Do give us a call if you would like some feet therapy, we look forward to it, exclusive and exciting! foot fetish London is just a phone call away, central location in the heart of  London, call me for fun excitement and adventure!