Did you ever wonder what a Prostate massage is?

Here we specialise in Sexy massages with prostate stimulation. Some men find it gives them more sexy pleasures, and at times a new experience can give additional pleasures of the sensory type. The prostate is situated about 2-3 inches inside the anal canal, this very important gland is part of men’s natural whole sexual cycle, it is vital for many reasons for sexual hormones, sex drive, and how it can be stimulated with fingers using the protective glove, using slow movements to start with and improving the circulation just like most organs need gentle stimulation and activity, to activate and re energize any stagnant energy.
Sex hormones are created which is the man’s life force, from time to time as a man gets older the improvement of circulation is necessary and in order to be effective, and keep the energy healthy and vital to this very important organ, and help to maintain good health, in general.

As some men get older 50 plus even men get signs of age as women get menopause, men can be afflicted by prostatic its an inflammation of the prostate as it starts to slow down and if you are less sexually active, this can affect it.

Doctors actually advise men in their 50 plus group to actually get hand relief or sexual relief in order to keep the prostate active.

We always practice this by been very gentle, using protective gloves, for hygienic reasons, and many men like it if sometimes booked with dark tantra or role play
Sexual orgasms can be enhanced with the prostate!

Booking Your Prostate Massage Session

I have been massaging for many years and time after time, many male clients tell me it was advised by my g.p, to get a sensual massage with relief.
Once every 1 or 2 weeks or as you feel in yourself, sexual energy is different from person to person, so you go with your natural instincts. You mustn’t force yourself but go with your own feelings of how you feel, of course if you feel more aroused naturally book yourself a Prostate massage, this replenishes the cycle and gives a fresh supply of sex hormones to be brought in. As they say remove old energy to bring in new energy! Not forgetting the amazing benefits of massage for whole body is a life saver! Other benefits with prostate, can give erotic foreplay, and takes you to heigher feelings of sexual arousal, where an orgasm can be reached but in a more powerful and profound way! Of course it is always something you may have to try, as it is not always something everyone wants, but just like everything you dont know till you try. Dont forget that general massage for relaxing the body is a great benefit and a holistic body detox.

Foods that help prevent prostate cancer –

Tomatoes, adequate Vitamin D, Zinc, zinc is a mineral found particurlarly in pumpkin seeds.

Also adopting a healthier food diet, works as a great health preventive, including plenty of good quality water to flush the system.

Also eating a more greener diet, more vegetables, especially the cruciferous vegetables, which includes, brussel sprouts, cabbage, Broccoli, these veg helps to detox the body. Preventive medicine is always best. Also less dairy products, 2 eggs a week is enough, fish and plant proteins are more beneficial, and less fried foods or heavy meat eating. there are many vegetarian dishes as alternatives, that are healthier.

Here is a diagram of the prostate.

Prostate Diagram