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Sensual Massage London

What is a Sensual Massage? by using ‘Touch’ and various sexy silky touches, we stimulate from the skin, sensory feelings of sensual arousal, whilst it sends signals all over the body, feelings of erotic pleasure, such as tingling, and many other sexy sensations are felt, and released, including serotonin, a natural mood enhancer, which is essential for our health and well being! Also ‘oxytocyn’ is a natural occuring chemical, waiting to be released, it is stimulated by ‘touch’ caresses, and feeling loved! Just like our feline cats in the animal kingdom, often purr with joy! when we stroke and caress them, this is how oxytocyn is realeased! So when you book a treatment with us, our tactile massage, will bring you a true feeling of pleasure! these natural good mood enhancers, are waiting to be tapped into, by one of our lovely masseuses who knows how to stimulate and fine tune, the whole body experience! It is the definition of combining relaxation by our standard of the pure massage by dissolving the physical stresses that the body carries, while we carry on our daily chores and working hard to finish tasks, deadlines and appointments. All these can make us feel unwell and agitated within causing us sometimes worry, and anxiety, which are not good as this creates stress hormones.

How we work is we want to dissipate your stress by sheer manipulation of the movements of my hands to remove as much bodily held tensions that are stuck in the body, this is the first steps before we can start to include some of our beautiful touches that are sensual very much in building your arousal, as you step into the atmosphere!

Whats involved? After you have taken your shower, clean and refreshing for you, we will start by removing the tension out then we will include our specialist sensational touches to give you an increase in improving your sensual appetite!

How to increase your sensual awareness, we will caress, adorn, tease, lovingly and provocatively to give you beautiful feelings of sensual satisfaction.
We use teasing touches, let my fingers do the walking, our hands will feel soft, yet the light touch can bring about the most incredible feelings, like on the edge, brushing your aura, sexy teasing aligns the physical and emotional parts together to give you most desirable euphoric feelings that are well hidden from you!

Want to feel more sensual in life by booking one of our sessions you will also learn how we touch, this is like a reflective mirror, so maybe another time you may want to return the sensual pleasures by giving me a sensual all over massage including all the right places. I will guide the way, and you will experience two play sensual enlightenment!

Booking the Sensual Massage Experience

We can do this as incall or outcall massages in our private residence apartments all private or we can come to you, if its your home or Hotel. tel 07538778018

Sensual Massage is used to stimulate your whole body to pleasures of the feelings of sexy erotic euphoria, it is extremely pleasureable and unites the whole body to work in perfect harmony, with the senses, giving them ways of expansion, with different dimensional stimulus, this stimulates the chakras to open up, become realigned, in harmony with your mind body and spirit, giving simultaneous pleasures, lifting you to greater heights. Wake up to Sensual massage London, for the finest of touches by special qualified masseuses, through joy Tantric Massage, we provide our own incall and outcall sensual massages to you, or your welcome to visit us.