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Tantric Massage LondonJoy Massage provides an authentic genuine, unique tantric full-body experience. We opened in 1992, using Original & Traditional techniques, have been involved with Tantric the path to your inner sacred sexuality, for 25 years. We are a group of highly skilled tantric masseuses therapists, who provide the best original Tantric Massage in London but also a private teaching school, for students, massage therapists, and other individuals who wish to learn more about our therapies. Locations – Paddington, Lancaster Gate, Bayswater, Marble Arch, Bond St, Marylebone, Baker Street, Mayfair, Park Lane, Gloucester Road, South Kensington, Chelsea, & Knightsbridge. For Incall massage or Outcall services (Hotel room)

Erotic Massage (Nude)

Our Erotic Massage London centre is close to Paddington w2, central London, less than 5 minutes walk from the tube station, you can visit us, known as an in-call, or we can come to you, known as out-call or Visiting massage service, to your home or hotel. We are fully qualified in genuine Swedish and also offer other types of massage therapy, check my ‘Services page’ for more details. Nude body to body Massage with warm oil, truly exquisite! and dreams come true with Nuru massage as another alternative. In Tantric massage, the prostate gland which is also known as the emotional centre of a man is massaged to get a high tantric massage experience. Choose from Naturist or prostate, sensual arousal, or If your feeling more adventurous, try the Four hands massage, which includes 2 fantastic ladies both massaging you together, fantasy role play, plus foot fetish, tie and tease massage, plus another sacred ritual, including Mutual tantric massage.

Here our expert highly qualified beautiful tantric masseuses, will ease out the tension in the human body, to start with as this is so relevant to true relaxation, this in general, keeps you young, supple, clean out toxins and releases negative energy, the sensual and tactile touch is infused like a cosmic flow of energy, you will feel happy, yet aroused, we delicately touch and sense how you respond, so your session with us is individual and tailor-made, we are perceptive, and use our intuition to guide us, to give you special tantric massage London experience!

Experts In Tantric Touch

We are highly skilled tantric masseuses who are experts in this field, we have a lot of sensual massage experience, all of our ladies in our London run massage agency. What happens next? we have lots of varied options for you, but if you are new to tantra massage then start with the basics, and build up the exploration from there, if you want to try the next step is the book ‘Delayed orgasm ‘ this is where we take you on the journey of true tantric orgasm, also known as pranayama, these are specialized classic techniques to access your highest potential, where it is massively different from ordinary hand relief, you will find out by making a booking!

We found out a lot of men, at any age, and how they have learned to have orgasms, can be patterned from an early age, we help you to recreate the new way, but using old traditions, to expand your awareness, so your mind adapts and learns new ways with our special touch, how orgasms can be enhanced, the intense pleasure is felt all over, and in this way, we deliver a technique that will stay with you for life, and can transform you into the best lover you can be!

Premature Ejaculation

Our Tantric Massage London sessions will show you how to master your anxiety and improve or it is not unusual to find out you will stay sexually lasting as long as you like, with our rituals, we will show you how, step by step.

We have many who have mastered the anxiety performance, and the energy starts with you. Don’t worry about pleasing anyone, we first guide you on how to prolong your own sexual energy, then we built up your confidence, to be the best you can achieve! the more relaxed you are, the greater we can achieve!

Ejaculation control is one of the finest things to enjoy much more pleasure, it is about giving and receiving. when you have realized your inner capacities, can be enhanced and prolonged pleasure is a key factor. Our expert therapists will help you receive the fantastic re-awakening of the dormant parts, and the chakra’s get rebalanced and improving their function, as a new you will emerge! your lover or girlfriend will be extremely happy with the new longer-lasting pleasure skills you have acquired! make love for a longer period of time with them and the pleasure they get to experience is much more intense!

Mutual Massage

We also recommend you try some of our other tantric services, such as Body to body, with warm oil as another life-enhancing experience, or the amazing Slippery wet sensational, silky, wildly erotic massage, Nuru massage, ultimate highly arousing, with fully naked girls. Also, Mutual Tantric massage London sessions include exploring how to touch the tantric masseuse and enjoy each other’s touch. It helps to empower men to be better lovers.

How to massage the female body is an art form. Often called mutual massage as you can share giving and receiving.

Our Ladies have had a specialist training, in the Sensual arts, to ensure your time is fun and pleasurable, we are warm and friendly, and very safe here to visit us. We also offer Nuru Massage

Book Your Sensual Erotic Massage London

Our special tantric body-to-body massage is unique, it can be tailored to your requirements, it is done with low lights, candles, in a quiet serene atmosphere to relax you. Our ladies are very experienced, we deliver the most seductive, tantric massage right in the heart of central Locations for an unforgettable time, reaching your inner flame, the passion begins where we ignite you to special foreplay of the truly erotic massage type! it includes magical touches in all erogenous areas, you will feel very aroused to several points of delightful feelings of euphoria, teasing in all the right areas!

To the point of orgasm, but we don’t take you quite there, that’s because our sexy tantric touch therapists will be wearing next to nothing or be nude for sheer pleasure or by special request, wearing beautiful lingerie for your pleasure!

Increase Of Passion

Our sacred touch, increases your libido & stimulates sex drive, Eros means Erotic a Greek translation, the essence of passion delivered, in every part of your body, is touched exclusively, caressed, adored, a sensational treatment to make you feel aroused, stimulated & alive and enjoying every minute, as the passions grow stronger, we believe keeping love alive is healthy and natural, we accept that feeling sensual and erotic is natures way, for balancing hormones, releasing the stress out of the body, whilst enjoying every moment of loving touches!

 Tantric Massage Sensual Therapies

This encourages the natural flow of energies to stimulate your body to receive an awakening of pure sensual touch, within our Tantric Massage London sessions, we include various caresses, intuitive touches, subtle stimulation, giving you pleasure in a warm cozy atmosphere, candlelights, Aromas of oil, whilst we warm our oil, this gives an embracing feeling of love and sensuality.

Whilst the hands glide and bring amazing feelings are released and felt in your whole body. It makes you feel alive, brings out positive and relaxing emotions with more pleasure infused gives you the ultimate experience. Our tantric girls, are ready to take you to enjoy – Full body exciting feelings, which dispel stress, reduces worry, and make you feel on top of the world! Feel the loving sexy touches from our ladies, in a true natural space for relaxation.

Body to Body Massage

Our most popular treatment is a combination of Sensual with Erotic stimulation but mainly fully naked. We include warm oil to spread all over, with sexy beautiful Naked masseuse, she will use her entire body to literally slide – using these Silky expert tantric movements, sends sensational feelings, that you will enjoy very much! in this session we include all tantric massage techniques, sometimes mutual touch with our specialists. this is Premium as it includes a little bit of everything, in one package. cost £200 for a one-hour session with immense pleasure.

So what is the meaning of this amazing massage therapy? it means to open up, integrate, be open-minded to adjust realign the way we perceive that we can be closed or very set and formed in our ways, due to our own limited beliefs or upbringing. It opens new paths of thinking which in term gives the opportunity to ‘expansion’ through our thoughts we can cultivate our physical and emotional structure to be open to tantric massage type pleasure massages but by introducing new ways of magical touches, caresses, eye contact, opening the pure part of your natural self, which lies hidden.

Erotic Massage London Benefits

In so many ways, firstly to understand it yourself, have a few enlightened sessions that include breathing techniques, this ‘Ritual’ is a key factor, in opening and understanding how the magic of tantric massage London, will work through your entire body. Improvise and you learn, practice & be a master of your own sexual energy. Tap into it and you will see the light. It is not just any sensual massage, as it awakens, energy points, and realigns you to a sacred sexual part of you. But what is really important is to be with a truly qualified expert-handed tantric masseuse who knows the way to touch.

We show you how to achieve the ultimate orgasmic London tantric massage experience’! with the prolonged teasing of the true magic of integration of breath, which makes orgasms work through every cell in your body! this is an electrifying experience!. Erotic massage London was ever so good!

Erotic Tantric Masseuses

We are one of the finest London tantric massage agency and our qualified therapists are fully trained in the Tantric expansion of the alignment of mind body and spirit, it works on healing the chakras in order to help you achieve a higher part of your sexual potential, not just this visit but affirming each visit you come to us! There are still many persons, who miss out on the benefits of Tantric massages, and the real concept of its deep healing energies, due to lack of research, and awareness, it is the full meaning of expanding your awareness through exploration and experiencing this for yourself, by physically having this experience, it opens lots of hidden pathways, forgiving yourself a whole new way of enjoying & giving sensual & erotic pleasure.

This strengthens, your sexual awareness, mentally and physically so your confidence is supreme! Learn Tantra the path to natural sexual healing from within!

What Joy tantric massages in London offer are a safe and Sacred sensual massage that gives you so much body worship than we can express here in words, it is an experience that is most powerful and rejuvenating! Joy tantric massage London is one of the massage service agencies which provides immense pleasure; our tantric massages are designed to increase the sexual energy flow throughout your body. Book one of the finest tantric massage agencies in London now to get the top massage therapists

If you would like to know more do give me a call on 07538778018, with health, regards, Joy


Sienna combines an energetic persona with fantastic Nuru Massage massage skills. She is very bright and educated, has a great sense of humor, and will make you feel like a king. The charge is ridiculous compared to the marvelous massage experience you will have. 10/10. Alex

I saw Melany today and she gave me a brilliant massage. She’s very good. I highly recommend her. A really skilled masseuse Best Tantric Massage in Central London:). Thank you, see you soon. Erica xx

We have many other styles of erotic tantric massage services also available for you to choose from,


So variety is the spice of Life! never be bored, want to know more about each type of massage we offer to visit my central London tantric page with a list and full details of the various tantric treats we offer. Want to be enlightened, if you book a delayed orgasm, this is the way forward to empower yourself for learning how tantra works for a man, you will learn the best possible way to sexual fulfillment. Best massage and customer service is assured for your well-being! Want to see all 24 beautiful ladies? feel free to phone Joy tantric massages in central London if you need any advice or help on how to book.

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