A very sensational Nuru massage in London is waiting for you!

Masseuses who specialise in Nuru Massage & naked massages with a variety of treatments, it opens up your senses to an extraordinary erotic level! an experience not to be missed! after taking a shower, the NAKED masseuse, will use her expert hands, to relax you and sensually stimulate, your entire body!

After she takes a shower,  she may undress you, so you can get ready for a delectably delicious journey, her silky soft skin, brushing up against your skin, in warm silky smooth gel, feels like silk between you both, and she glides and slides with nuru gel on your naked body, these sensations are very exciting and intimate states of arousal, are felt throughout the entire erotic massage session! this in only one type of session we offer.

Nuru Massage with Nuru Gel in the Capital

She will relax all your muscles which helps to melt the stress away, the tight muscles in your body will get dissolved, and she makes you feel like your in heaven!

At times our bodies need creative sensual experiences, to keep your vibration and sexuality to higher levels, a feeling of been erotically turned on, and feeling alive! with the ability to create rich emotional experience, as well as physical ones, our sense of touch with the female feminine energy is so vital, to the spark of life, it helps to ignite your inner fire, a furnace waiting to rupture to full passion!

We are located in central London for your convenience

Same day nuru massage in London appointments are available, Give 24 hours notice, ideally if your able to confirm by morning or lunchtime is a good time. hours open 10.am. till 9.pm.

Massage London nuru massage & tantric massage will help to increase your sexual ability to deliver sexual hormones. These tend to decline as we get older, or gain pleasure, this is traditionally known as the classic body to body erotic massage which origins are from the oriental culture.

Nuru Massage helps to address many issues

Improves circulation, sensual and erotic stimulation, at utmost peaks, sinfully exciting, both your front and back will all be feeling the special lotions, just a simple shower will remove the lotion or oil, at the end.

Are you looking for a Nuru Massage in London?

Attention! – joytantricmassagelondon.com provide the very best nuru massage in london, exciting full massage, body to body sensual and erotic massages to give you supreme pleasure!

One of our delightful, beautiful masseuses, will take you both for a shower Have a drink to unwind, then we warm the very ultra slippery gel, feels like Nuru massage londonsilk next to your skin, it is especially made for body sliding. Call us for Nuru Massage in London today..

Of course we both get fully naked, and I will use my full NURU nude body to slip n slide together!,  you will be astonished how it feels, a luxury london nuru massage in London Centre, So handy if your coming to London, or passing through for business, after a hard day, give me a call

I will ensure to relax every muscle in your body with the finest body massage, and of course every part of you will be on a beautiful high of sumptuous, exotic feelings tingling through you!

London experience is performed by qualified Nuru masseuses!

By the way the nuru gel, has no smell, no perfume, its clear in consistency, feels like lube, astonishingly delicious! I will tease you in between, breath in your ears, feel my breasts on your back, sliding to and forth, all the way down to your legs. Call us for the best Nuru Massage today.

Then at some point you will turn over, and I  use more Slippery Nuru Gel I love doing this as its so relaxing, and I too feel excited doing it! next we tease a little more, you may want to explore a little other aspects of the sexy sensations of  my unique touch,  prostate massage can be included if you wish, unless you want to do the mutual massage, where you actually can learn how to sensualise the female body, with all its feminine contours.

As a woman I do like a very soft sensual touch

How to touch a woman its really an art form, you do have to have some patience, as we are all different and all like different ways of been touched, let me tell you a secret, subtlety is one of the most welcoming to the female energy, as it gives scope, and quality of a massage touch is so important.

By blending, and culminating your touch to the woman’s preferences, London nuru gives you both pleasure, and expands your consciousness, going with the  flow, your soft gentle touches slowly awakens the female sexual energy to rise slowly, your perceptions will sense how she responds, with practice this erotic massage helps to improve your love making skills, and gives you  awareness, that you can incorporate with a lover or partner. London Nuru massage & tantric massage can help you achieve this.

Sexual expansion, can be  shared to much greater depths of arousal, but also integration, of  your soul, the emotions and the physical become one, this gives the power and the depth, of sexual consciousness! Call us for the Nuru Massage today.

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Try our nuru massage, tantric or soapy — enjoy the best Erotic massage available in London. Imagine being able to indulge in the sexiest most erotic and arousing way possible with an nuru massage in London.

A hot shower will not only clean your body, it will also relax your muscles and allow you some time to prepare for your session. Her sleek, oily breasts, body and sexual areas will slide across you, unlocking only the deepest pleasure and satisfaction possible.

Luxury massage treatments in your oriental massage london erotic nuru massage gel suite or residence. Nuru London What’s The Difference Between Nuru Massage And Body To Body ?

Our outcall massage service massage for ALL London areas.

If you’ve been wanting to truly suffer an unmatched massage in London but you haven’t decided what to choose, the Nuru massage in London is for you.

The technique requires one or more Nuru masseuses to brighten their bodies against the client’s corporation when both parties are naked and covered in the special Nuru gel. … Often, Nuru massages are finished with a truly Happy Ending due to the consistency of the Nuru Gel, which is very sticky and glib. Our girls will be at your site in a matter of hours. Watch as her every curve is tonic by slivers of light bouncing off the Nuru gel that envelops each inch of her methystic conventionality.

From the basic massage nuru to more unique massages, such as prostate and body to body massage, we have whatever you want to suit each clients personal needs. A nuru massage is an indulgent and exciting form of body nuru massage.

You’ll be vigorous to experience her full corporation, smooth skin

Bend as the masseuse carefully make strong you get the best Nuru massage of your life. This is ultimately the most sensuous body to body experience and hence the nuru massage is one of the most popular forms of massage.

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