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Erotic Massage London

Erotic Massage is much more zesty and on step up from Sensual massage as it gives you more avenues to choose. Erotic means different things to different people, but the special combinations we include can be my magic touch with the ability to explore your sensual potential.  This can mean sexy massage bringing you to erotic heights of more untapped pleasure. Erotic comes from the Greek work ‘Eros’ meaning -Desire.In order to stimulate desire, we use techniques which not only enhance pleasure feelings through your body, but all erogenous areas can be touched and stimulated in order to ultimately give erotic sensations to achieve Orgasm.

For women we include every part of your body including breasts and yoni known in sanskrit Indian old language as Vagina, the private areas of the lady, may be gently touched and stimulated if she so desires. For men we can include various other options, you can choose prostate or full body delayed orgasm experience is the top priority, the latter been the most you can achieve for improving sex drive libido, and improving your sex life overall. Why is that you may ask? Erotic massage is not just to achieve any type of orgasm but we advice you to try the ‘sacred knowledge of Erotic meaning is to improve your sexual knowledge by the sheer experience of special breathing exercises to achieve sexual staying power!
This is the ultimate experience you could ever achieve, remember its about ‘quality not quantity’. Quality of erotic is how to be a master of your own body and in control of orgasms gives you many masterful tools of sexual satisfaction with your partner. And your sexual status is on a very high level, for improving confidence and sex becomes more meaningful and sacred. Isnt it the ultimate healing in our fast takeaway society!

Erotic exploration of the senses is a journey through erotic and sensual massage foreplay, arousing and massaging genitals inner thighs, buttocks area, pubis, ultimately achieving full body orgasm. Whats is a full body orgasm? please read more on my tantric massage page, or the ability to delay your orgasm by our specialist breathing techniques, is the ultimate way to find out how you can achieve this book with one of our qualified masseuses who have experience and greater knowledge of this. Erotic massage is available for Men, Women and couples as incall and outcall.