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What are the Benefits of an Erotic Massage ?

Erotic massage london


Erotic Massage London

by Joy Tantric, for the most exciting sensual erotic massage! we provide an experience that is stimulating to all of your senses for a full body massage. Very stimulating an experience never forgotten!

We specialize in a range of massage services and our erotic massage in London is specially designed for pleasure and seduction. Let one of our talented goddesses put your mind and body at blissful ease.

We have ladies providing Erotic massage in Mayfair, oxford street, Paddington, Bond Street, Baker Street, Lancaster Gate, Notting Hill Gate, South Kensington, Marylebone,  Kensington, Knightsbridge, and Chelsea areas. please call reception to book one of our ladies.

What Is An Erotic Massage?

As the name suggests, our service combines and introduces erotic elements into a skilled massage at the hands of a trained masseuse. We utilize various techniques, smoothly woven together throughout the massage, to indulge your senses. Pleasure is definitely a strong focus here – all of our clients leave thoroughly satisfied.

The word erotic itself comes from the Greek word – “Eros” – meaning desire – and that’s exactly what we offer. Our service aims to give you everything you desire. To this end, our talented erotic masseuse will take care of your entire body, including intimate areas, to give you a heightened sense of sexuality, with sensual stimulation that can ultimately lead to an unparalleled sense of orgasm.

Erotic Massage In London For Men

If you’re looking for an erotic massage, Joy Tantric Massage only hires the most beautiful, dedicated, and sensual of masseuses to meet your needs. As you can see on our website, the very best masseuses and each is a special and sensual goddess in her own right.

We also use our own unique blend of sensual and erotic techniques, designed to bring your body to new senses of sexual elevation which works on all 5 senses -visual, touch, smell, hearing, touch is the most powerful yet natural ways we all communicate with, within it brings our total power of using our hands to bring deep emotional feelings to the surface. This floods your body with extra-sensory deep emotions waiting to be released!

So what can you expect from our massage? After your shower, At first, your talented and seductive masseuse will start with her hands, relaxing your body and helping you to relax, before moving into the Erotic body-to-body massage that utilizes all of her curves and feminine attributes.

You and your chosen masseuse will both be fully naked, with no clothes on, so you can enjoy touch smell, and nude body-to-body contact. Feel her silky soft skin next to yours!

For the best, most intimate, and memorable results, our masseuses perform the full body massage naked, allowing for the ultimate sensation of their skin sliding over yours. This also helps in creating a calm and relaxing environment. Of course, she will be naked, skin to skin feel your body feel alive! we provide a sense of arousal which is deeply arousing emotionally physically, and spiritually, this goes deeper than what you can imagine.

As the massage continues, you can count on your masseuse to conduct more erotic and passionate strokes, bringing in strong elements of touch, as she begins to focus and worship your intimate areas, gradually releasing your sexual energy as the massage reaches its climactic finish with hand motion and body slide, while erotic teasing foreplay is part of our special unique formula of arousal.

This also includes elements of lingam massage, referring to the Sanskrit word for the male genitals. Our talented masseuses are skilled in all areas of the body and this includes aspects of penis massage, using their subtle hands to bring your entire body into a heightened sense of arousal. We include special breathing techniques to reduce stress, elevates your arousal in the original Indian Sanskrit called pranayama. see home page for more info.

Prostate massages and delayed orgasms can also be introduced, this also refers to our specialist ladies, who can bring out these hidden feelings that lie dormant inside you till they are tapped into if desired. It’s all part of catering a unique service that ensures you leave completely satisfied and feeling revitalized.

Erotic touch has the ability to stimulate us in ways we may not be aware of or even thought of, by trying different additions to your treatment, helps to arouse the body through the touch of the skin, creating intimacy warmth, and a deeper connection with our loved ones or by reaching to these heavenly treats, arousal becomes a rich experience showing avenues of untapped energy.

Erotic massage london


Erotic Massage In London For Women

Of course, our Erotic massage service in London is also available for women, too! Everyone has the right to feel sensual and desired – our masseuses just as readily cater to ladies!

Our female erotic massage takes into consideration all aspects of the female body. At first, she will start sensual, soft hand movements that glide over your body, before moving into a full body massage. During this time, she will take great care to indulge and worship every inch of your body, including your breasts.

This also includes yoni massage – this is the Sanskrit word for the intimate areas of the female body. Our therapists, are trained and experienced experts in the art of vaginal massages, gently stroking and stimulated the area if desired. All of this helps you to feel at ease and to relax before surrendering yourself entirely to the soft, seductive hands of our gorgeous young ladies. We also can offer you a handsome Male masseur his name is Alex, he’s not only got the fittest Adonis fit body type but his muscular, and specializes in women’s massages.

Benefits Of Erotic Massage

More than just one of the best ways to relax and take care of your own body, there are many natural benefits to erotic massages that many overlook.

Sensual massages are known to help improve your libido and sex drive, especially through delayed orgasms. By bringing your body to new states of sexual awareness and increasing your arousal, our erotic therapists can leave a positive, lasting impact on your sex life.

We can also offer special breathing exercises to help you control and regulate your body. By being in touch with your own body – and looking after it both physically and spiritually – you can improve & control your own breathing and heart rate, helping you to achieve a greater sexual experience and staying power.

Erotic massage london

Our touch helps emphasize the benefits of quality over quantity. Our sensual, rhythmic touch, helps to regulate your body and ensure one powerful, heightened orgasm. This ultimately helps your own sexual experiences to become more intimate & powerful, for both you and your partner.

Erotic Massages – release your sexual hormones, to bring sexual benefits to your sex life. With our hands and touching of our skin next to yours bring dormant emotions which are lying here waiting to be released! sheer pleasure!

Stress relief is very important, as we carry on in our daily lives doing chores, work, and repetitive strains whether mental or physical. Our touch will dissolve your stress and set you free!

Erotic touch stimulates sensual feelings and erotic desire! it is a core emotion that we all carry. But due to judgments from other people or ourselves, many people suppress these emotions, whilst they come to the surface from time to time. This is to remind us that they are part of our human nature! It is natural to enjoy and feel pleasure, including satisfaction!

If you’re ready to discover a deep and seductive experience, our London erotic nude massage service is available for both incall and outcall, to help you get the very best, personal experience. Want one of our breathtaking and utterly sexy masseuses to take care of you? Book your personal erotic massage experience today! Above are photos of what you can experience in the erotic therapy we provide in our London Erotic studios to give personal enhancement achieving greater pleasures, that satisfy our deepest desires! the 1st photo shows one of our special Body to body treatments of the finest and most erotic types. The second photo is one of our special sensational masseuses based in Chelsea! We guide you to finding inner confidence, and exploring your sacred erotic self! call joy on 07538778018 for fun and pleasure!

Want to learn more about how our Erotic massage can help your sex life? we invite you to experience the most Erotic session book in Paddington by elite and special girls who know how to touch intimacy and warmth, friendly and inspiring full-body massages to elevate your mood and bring sheer delight to every part of your body.

Elite Tantric masseuses, available please call me for recommendations, with highly experienced masseuses. Beautiful, elegant, great communicators, friendly, and very talented!

Erotic Massage in London, is also available for COUPLES, SINGLE MEN AND SINGLE LADIES. Learn more about Erotic massage, for switching each other on, we at joy Tantric, can show couples how to enjoy more Erotic intimacy! call me on 07538778018, for bookings open 12 till 12pm Every day!