Tantric Massage & extra lingam delayed orgasm

Tantric Massage authentic touch, our session includes a full body sensual encounter, body to body, with breasts, and use of hands, including classic lingam stimulation, and teasing in all erogenous areas, we help you achieve prolonged pleasure, using erotic touch, which radiates through your entire body, heavenly bliss! With extra lingam, means you get twice as much erotic foreplay, ends with a prolonged orgasm, which makes this session extra special, this is the most exclusive experience you can have! This is the best way to enjoy it!

Tantra with Yoni

This session includes lingam, body to body and how to please the lady, this is a very popular sensual and erotic massage, which teaches men how to arouse or touch a woman, we guide you! with a subtle touch, and style to learn the art of sensual touch, By experienced qualified masseuse, sensitivity & gentle touch, to be encouraged. Subtlety is the finest form of sensual arousal. Please note some ladies offer subtle touch yoni from £170, while others teach it to a finer art form and prices vary from £200 -£250 depending on what type of session you require, for more details call me.

Nuru Massage – 1 hour – true sensations of body to body!

We warm this luscious gel it is very slippery and very sensual, the masseuse uses her entire nude body to massage you, its highly erotic, with amazing lush sensations!  What is it and how does it work ? We use a super slippery natural gel, the consistency is similar to lube, but its derived from natural seaweed, it feels like silk!  After you have showered, we warm the gel, the girl will slide and glide, over your entire body. Includes the true art of body sliding, just imagine – rich, exciting and erotic sensations will deliver ultimate pleasure running through you! total ecstasy! one of the most exciting sensations you will ever experience! Our Nuru includes mutual touch – Private shower together add £50 extra.

Prostate & Perineum Massage

A combination of tantra massage & stimulating the prostate, including erogenous zones, and lingam foreplay, prostate massage can help to increase erotic pleasure and improve circulation to this vital gland, it is the sexual master gland for men, it creates male hormones. Some men find it gives them a lot of sensual erotic sensations whilst it can also make orgasms more intense. We also include a sensual touch of the pereneum.

Premature Ejaculation Lessons

How to become the lover you always wanted to be, we guide you step by step, special combination techniques includes the ‘tantra breathing techniques’ clearing the chakras, and re-establishing new ways of delayed sexual pleasure, other Taoist techniques are included to expand your awareness. We have helped thousands of men around the globe, this is the most empowering part of maximising your potential. Our ladies have had a specialist training, to help you master the ability to last longer with staying power. Call for more details.

Body to Body Massage today special price £200 1 hour

We warm the oil, and one of our girls, will be  fully naked, to use sensual touch, combined with body to body together. Includes lingam foreplay, relaxing and sensually stimulating. This includes a mix of erogenous teasing, and body to body with breasts, done on a therapy couch. Special bonus includes mutual massage it means we can massage each other!

Tantric Massage with mutual massage & prostate

Our specialist sesual therapy, includes mutual massage, and prostate double pleasure combination! so it means you can massage the girl, she will include a prostate stimulation all our massages include  relief at the end,  this is a very sexy encounter as the masseuse will show you how to massage her the tantric touch way! this is a truly sensual liberating experience, for both giver and receiver.

Ladies Sensual Services

How to enjoy the sensations of  touch with amazing masseuses that specialise for ladies only a treatment for pure relaxation for the whole body, whilst sensual touch, invigorates and tonifies body pleasure with oxytocin, a pleasure hormone released by touch. Release stress, and invite yourself for perfect harmony of your body feeling more alive! Relax massage with subtle tones of sensual touch, or just pure stress release therapy for ladies £150 per hour, or the full tantra and yoni massage, includes sexual touch for orgasmic finish, sexual healing £200 per hour.  Many ladies deny themselves massages, we believe in getting in touch with your self through massage, accesses many healing hidden feelings.

Foot Fetish/ Tickling, & caressing or kissing of girls feet

Mutual Massage

Tantra and mutual massage with your chosen masseuse, how to give real sensual pleasure, with guidance, this session is very popular and has ability to give you 2 way pleasure, 30-40 mins you receive, and the masseuse will swop over at the end, she will guarantee you an orgasm using her hands If you desire -add £50 for assisted shower means the masseuse will give you a shower together!

Couples Massage

Includes lingam arousal plus body to body for the male, and sensual foreplay for the lady. You can both either relax and enjoy every moment, you can be both in the same room or separate rooms, please advice when booking. We can teach you how to sensualise by touch, each other or a mixture, you can choose. This is an intimate, sensual encounter to awaken you to discovering more intimacy, with yourself and your partner. What would you like to receive from this session? We can also offer nuru or warm oil as a full body to body encounter if so please add £100 more for both of you. Be receptive to experience how to expand your sexual knowledge & ability to last longer with your orgasms. We include riding the tantra  waves with breath techniques to delay your orgasm for as long as possible! we can also show you how to body slide together as a couple sheer fun and really exciting!

4 Hands Massage

Massage by one goddess is fabulous! now imagine 2 gorgeous girls, the ultimate erotic experience ! This session is very special, it creates a lovely ambience as the 3 energies infuse together, candles, soft music, as 2 lovely ladies caress, nurture you, while their touch sends wild sensations, through your entire body! We have various options for you to choose from, removing your stress is of utmost importance, tight muscles, will be released, lingerie or whilst nude masseuses, can include body to body, yoni, that’s mutual massage, prostate is optional, and lingam. Lushings of delightful feelings to make you feel alive! Includes Orgasmic relief with breathing to make it last longer!

Aqua Shower -Showering together!

Girl comes into the shower with you to give you a private shower from £50

Outcall Services and Visiting Massage service to you from £250- £300 per hour 1 masseuse to visit you, including taxi.

Do you need our outcall Massage to your home or hotel ? Depending where you are and who is free, we can be with you anytime from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. Some ladies may need up to 1 hour depends who is free when you ask, try to give up to an hour or longer notice if possible.

Go to the Gallery, choose your ideal choice one and 2 of our ladies, and we will do our best to get to you as quickly as we possibly can! We are OPEN for OUTCALLS from 9 am till 1 am in the morning, some therapists can work till 3 am.

Please make sure you pay the girls taxi return fare, when she meets you, we will also appreciate cash only, and that its good manners to have a shower before your therapist arrives, so then she will set the mood in a nice atmosphere, candles and music to make it a really happy session, all our massages include happy orgasmic finish, unless you request not to!

4 hands Massage Outcall Service – 2 girls massaging you

A 4 hands Massage, is an exceptional experience of losing all your inhibitions, and letting go of all the worries and stress behind you. An enlightening hour with two beautiful masseuses of your choice. We make sessions to suit your ideal combinations, of styles of massage, prostate, or mutual massage can be added, if you wish. Having 2 lovely therapists is a rich ambience of energies as the 3 energies emerge together, for a magical hour, other choices can be sensual, erotic, or body-to-body, or even Nuru, with the ultra-slippery body slides. Where each girl will take it in turn to body slide all over you, of course everyone is nude. Treat yourself to Tantric, it is a life changing experience, especially if you book, by some of my very talented masseuses, who are experts in touch!