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What is a SENSUAL EROTIC MASSAGE ? Its very different to ordinary massages that you would get in your local spa or health centre. Although Regula swedish massages are relaxing and very good for mind and body, they also have their limits!

Our SENSUAL EROTIC MASSAGE gives alot more than the basics of Relaxation. We take you to another level, we begin by soft soothing swedish style massage just to entice the body to relax, then we incorporate our perfectly soothing touches to arouse you slowly but surely!

Each Man or woman has a intuitive style massage to help find the best and most intimate touches made especially for you. Each one is individually massaged and lots of LOVE CARE AND ATTENTION IS GIVEN TO BRING ABOUT AN EXCITING SENSUAL EROTIC MASSAGE IN OUR LONDON STUDIOS, ACROSS LONDON.

It is the way we touch and our intention that creates these magnificient massages that make you feel SEXY, SENSUAL AROUSING FULL BODY MASSAGE. This wakes up the many nerve endings that stimulate touch through the skin, usings hands fingertips, includes your LINGAM MASSAGE, In itself it is the mans Penis, with more nerve endings, giving endless arousing pleasure.

EROTIC SENSUAL PLEASURE TOUCHES, is our speciality, There will be dreamy moments of soft delicate touches with more stimulating euphoric FEELINGS BUILDING UP THE POWER OF THE LINGAM, this harnesses all aspects of the entire body, including our exciting pure NUDE OR NAKED MASSAGES this is INVIGORATING YOU TO FULL BODY ORGASM!

BODY TO BODY MASSAGES IS ONE OF OUR SENSUAL EROTIC MASSAGES IN CENTRAL LONDON, one of those that you must try at least once! what other types of sexy massages do we offer?..

Mutual Massage, is one of the most popular exciting massages to show you how to massage the masseuse! we have various masseuses that offer this prices range from £200-£250 depending on individual masseuse and what you would like to learn how to sensualise female body.

Nuru massage, that is another of the most exhilirating massages that a man could ever have! – Using the nuru gel which is derived from a slippery form of unscented seaweed, gives a soft silky wet n wild feel on your body, thats before our sexy masseuse unrobes you with her tantalizing body skin to skin with body to body Nuru sliding across your naked body covering every part! -Pure sensational ultra sexy!

BODY TO BODY MASSAGES OR NURU MASSAGES ARE THE MOST INTIMATE SENSUAL AND EROTICALLY STIMULATING MASSAGES THAT ARE EXPERIENCED. When combined with the masseuse of your choice, the pleasure is doubled by choosing a girl that pleases your senses, visit gallery to choose beautiful masseuse.


*Relaxation is no 1 priority, to sooth our stresses, and calm mind body spirit and soul.

*Activate and stimulate full body massage through the skin, releases pleasure arouses the mind and body to receive intimacy in a relaxed way

*Improves Circulation, which is very important especially if we are not getting enough exercise, it is also healthy for your entire body.

*Stimulates natural Sensual rhythmic feelings which are lying dormant, and need to be activated and expressed, as it removes anger and frustration in many parts of our Lives!

*By Relaxing, activating, stimulating sensual erotic massages bring about feelings of satisfaction, by improving Sex drive and LIBIDO.

*It improves Stamina, physical energy, and re energises your body to change old energy to new energy, by having an orgasm it disperses this energy in a healthy way to re balance your whole body energy.

*EROTIC PLAY, expresses our feelings we often supress and by activation, brings emotional and physical satisfaction, so often left behind by the fact many of us work to hard, not enough play!

*SENSUAL FOREPLAY – Not only is it pleasureable, activates Hormones to be released and give Supreme pleasure to both partners, especially if shared.

*couples can create more intimacy by sharing these amazing massages that we offer, this enhances relationships and brings you out to new levels of happiness. Sheer ecstacy!

*Call the booking line with any questions on 07538778018 or just dial and book direct the pleasure massages are waiting to be ignited!

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