Covid-19 News – For Visitors & Therapists


regards Covid 19

,  we ask all new and regular clients to please avoid visiting anyone including us the therapists, especially if they have any FLU SYMPTOMS, shivers, or chills, no matter how mild.

we endeavor to protect all customers new or existing clients, who may be thinking of visiting us, but any hesitations, please enquire for any additional assistance.

If you are feeling worried or are vulnerable, we can arrange for one of our massage girls, to visit you. That way you can enjoy the most secure way.

Please use medical masks for your safety and other people when going to visit people, shopping or any business premises.

So far after 5 months of lockdown, none of our staff has been sick with any bugs or flu-like symptoms.

We are taking extra caution if anyone at the door sounds a bit flue like we will refuse to see them. For the sake of everyone else our masseuses and any other customers.

If you do visit us, we provide Antibacterial gel, for your hands, a shower is possible we take to wash the shower also with extra care to clean with antibacterial soap to prevent infection.

Our masseuses use antibacterial gel and hand soaps on their hands, before the massage and same after. Before starting your massage you can do both before we start.

Also, nobody is allowed to enter or work here if any flue like symptoms. we ask you with respect to staying at home till you feel better.

You must be 100% clear of all symptoms before you visit us.

We limit jobs to 1 client per day for each therapist, unless there is a time-lapse, in between clients, to give time to sterilize and clean up.

This pandemic is everyone’s waste of time, but we must follow N.H.S. rules if symptoms arise please call your G. p. doctor or ambulance, to get immediate help.

Self-help if you have a thermometer you can take your own temperature, to see how your body temperature is.  Anything over 37 plus is getting high, please see the doctor immediately.

So far so good, lets all work together in been sensible to take responsibility for ourselves and others.

We thank you for your corporation.

If you need information or to make a booking, please call me if you need advice. For your information, we use medical – paper towels on top of the massage bed, or couch, which we throw away used paper towels out after each massage, and put clean fresh new couch roll paper. This helps to avoid contamination, fresh paper coverings are on top of the therapy couch or the big bed used for the body-to-body massages.

For bookings call 07538778018 or if you have any questions. from joy Tantric massage London therapists.

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