Happy Ending Erotic Massage – How To Get One

What Is A Happy Ending Massage?

What it actually means is that after your amazing massage experience whether you book a tantric or body-to-body, in fact, any massage!  ‘The Happy Ending Massage’ gives the ultimate release of sensual pleasure fulfillment.  It literally means HAPPY ORGASMIC PLEASURE!

What can you expect during the session?  After we both take a shower, one of our therapists will introduce her massage skills, and although we all know it is going to be relaxing, it will include her cosmic hands moving in such a way to tease you the most seductive feminine way!

Want to know more?!…. We at Joy Tantric are well trained by our tantra teacher, she has many years of experience with her knowledge and skills, gives amazing tuition on many different levels.

Some are her well-kept secret movements techniques and how to touch is truly Inspiring! She has been known to make her clients have Happy endings some without touching the obvious areas like penis or lingam!  This is true as I have seen it with my own eyes! I could not imagine anyone doing that.

Well, she has taught most of the ladies here, but not all. This anticipation building the lingam means penis in old ancient Sanskrit which is Indian in origin. Her long special teasing the lingam and all-round the genitals, slowly building up each moment, while slowing up and down the energy, gives man most heightened sexy pleasure!

In tantric, we call it Rising up in the spine, the sexual energy some call it ‘Kundalini energy‘ it’s like energy to the fire!

We like to keep your fire burning, as long as possible! so you can enjoy the true tantra experience. The whole point of this is to enjoy erotic and sensual pleasure all over your whole body, as well as the erogenous areas.

We include some special effects on the areas to not only increase pleasure but build up & stimulate you till you find the highest mountain.

I call it climbing the highest mountains, each mountain, gets you to more peaks of sexy pleasure! you will feel high and so elevated!

This will help you forget your worries! – A true antidote to stress! is to book a lovely massage, and enjoy pure cleansing of the muscles, whilst doing that your mood will change, and make you feel natural and happy, and good again instead of carrying those awful knots.

Some people think massage is just sexual! – No ! although it can be, it has its own superior class of benefits. It can literally save your life, by regular massages!

This is not a sales pitch! but by literally getting massages ideally as regular as you can averagely at least once a week, the most benefit is that is a great detox for your body.

Relaxing Happy Ending Massage

While at the same time its functional and essence of what it does, is to heal your body, smooth your muscles, whilst blood and lymph is cleansed, this is the unseen power!

You know that after you had a good massage, you feel the benefits immediately. It’s what I call food for the soul!

We can do both here, we are versatile to understanding men’s needs, for both getting rid of stress and having a delightful Happy ending massage in London, is where we are – and offer throughout London areas.

As the finale we include a happy orgasmic finish, this is complete relaxation, and makes you get rid of sexual frustration, leaving with a happy smile!



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