4 hands massage London

Our qualified masseuses, will give a superb 4 hands massage in London, this session is especially good for the adventurous at heart, or a travelling man, who may be in need of extra massage and pampering!

Extra Massage And Pampering

The benefits are many, including the extra pair of hands will help to rub away more mind body and physical tensions in the body that have been lingering for days.  Too much stress in the body, can lead to headaches, aching shoulders, neck muscles get stiff due to too much driving, some of our hard working clients do long hours, or travelling from country to country, or even UK, it can get extremely weary, and this is when a four hands massage is ideal, it gives two masseuses the ability to improve circulation, whilst  your body, and mind relax and float into a heavenly dreamy transcending your mind, and easing out all the tension.

Of course you don’t have to be working extra hard to indulge in this, as so many of our other customers, just love the sheer ambience of been with two beautiful talented masseuses for sensual erotic arousing all your body, to sensational, feelings, uplifting your energy, and revitalising all your body.

There is no time like the present,  especially if you have never tried it,  you only have to just visualise it ! can you just imagine standing next to 2 beautiful naked girls, who will undress you slowly, and optional if you want to do assisted shower with one of them, they will be delighted!

This is great fun and titillation!  ..we then move on to massaging all your body, using sometimes simultaneous hand strokes and sometimes different combinations, but always in harmony, it can be  genuine relaxation Swedish massage, if you wish, to start with, just to melt the body armour down! it means the bodily tensions we carry mentally and they get transferred into our physical bodies, that’s why the masseuses have had a special training in holistic massages and of course the tactile slow lingam penis teasing arousal, which gives many tender feelings to rise.

Other options with the 4 hands is nude body to body sliding, that means that the masseuses will use their full nude bodies to slip n slide all along your body, and mutual massage is also available either by one of us, or both of us if you feel like it! – of course if your tired, just relax.

These are all options for you choose from, plus there is prostate massage,  it means using gentle touch, it can stimulate you to greater arousal, and orgasmic relief , is always included in our fantastic 4 hands massage right in the heart of London!

Our Massages can be very stimulating, to increase desire and relax you, from head to toes!

We provide 4 Hands Tantric sensual or erotic, its a rich tactile experience which gives feelings of pleasure all over, a luxury experience with specialist girls who know how to please your whole body.

Our London 4 hands can be incall or outcall, book on 07538778018. We also provide 4 hands body to body or Nuru massage.