Taoist Massage

What is a Taoist massage?  – A philosophy, thousands of years old, the orientals have also been using Taoist theories and practices, and Zen Buddhism, there are many layers to this so we will concentrate on the Tao techniques.

Tantra massage from India

This is also where Tantra massage from India, meets Taoist techniques from the orientals, both different backgrounds, and different religions and philosophies, but both drive similar concepts of how the energy of breath gives us a transformation, of relaxation, yogic breathing cleanses the body, mentally and physically, in addition to sensual and erotic expansion, a union of mind body and soul.

By learning how to use the breathing exercises, we can learn a lot about ourselves, there are energy centres in the body,

some people call them chakras, – these energy points have colours, and resonate with each centre of our body, for example the head chakra, is also known as the crown chakra, this is a Lilac colour, it is also believed that each colour can have a vibration, which can improve certain ailments, or deficiencies in our body, how to nourish or activate a certain area, for example if someone has any throat blockages, i.e. or the inability to speak up for themselves, or general problems in the throat area, could be thyroid as another example, the colour turquoise, can help to stimulate, wearing the colour turquoise like a scarf around the neck, helps to stimulate the area for healing. Green is the heart chakra, so other imbalances, wearing a top with a nice green colour will nourish this area, green is very balancing, it is also the colour of nature and naturally relaxing, helps to balance the heart, also breathing correctly, utilising oxygen by breathing through our stomachs, helps to give better oxygen to the whole body.

The yogis also used special breathing exercises, by inhaling from one nostril and exhaling from the other, and vice versa, gives great cleansing, and energising chest, and relaxing too.

Yellow is the colour for solar plexus, intuition, power.

Orange covers the abdomen energy centre, this is associated with emotions, creativity, sexual energy, therefore digestive problems can also be helped by wearing the colour orange.

Root chakra its colour Red, stimulating, associated with sexual instinct, sexual energy, and survival instinct,wearing red is a stimulating colour, the actual colour is movement, increases circulation energetically, of course if one is too stimulated in this area, then extremes of either too much or too low in this centre can create extreme situations to deal with, therefore in life and what the Taoists try to achieve is what is known as yin and yang.

Yin is female energy, it is receptive, feminine energy, the yang energy is the male, it is strong, enduring, and active, the opposite to yin,we all as humans on the planet, have elements of both, both in our mental attitudes, and physical expressions, also how we look, a real mixture of all different combinations.

Also food has the similar elements yin food for example is vegetarian, fruit and sugar are very yin, and yang foods are meat, fish, etc. The orientals also created macrobiotic foods, this yin-yang association is all part of their philosophy, it has been discovered that dairy and meat free diets as in macrobiotics increases our well being, the main structure is to use grains as a staple background, brown rice is very favoured in this healthy type of diet, again its about balancing the food intake, too much sugar and you get imbalances, too much meat and hard to digest, life is about balance, in anything we do.

Food can affect our moods both mentally, and physically, it can make us energised, or feel tired depending what we choose to eat. It can also influence our sexual moods and either enhance, or subdue it, nuts, seeds, and foods in vitamin E, helps to increase sexual desires, also some herbs like ginger, chocolate, preferably the dark variety, also cinnamon, can help to increase desire.

If you have a real problem with sexual desire, – a sensual Taoist and or Tantric massage in our London studios will help to stimulate your sexuality, by special loving arousing touch.