Why Tantric Massage?

Why choose Tantric Massage?  It’s no ordinary massage! this is one of the oldest sensual massages, that goes much deeper and much more beyond.

Through the numerous amounts of different styles of massage therapies, each with its own valid therapeutics, the tantra awakens in most people a dormant part of themselves, when realised, its like waking up from something very profound!

It delivers a balancing effect on the male and female energies in the body, it helps to nourish the body, through the power of  sensual touch, helps to release pleasure endorphins, which stimulate your sexual self, in a sacred way.

It encourages the free flow of energy, increases flexibility, in the joints and muscles, increases the blood flow, removes the toxins out, through the lymphatics, circulation is vital, as it helps to remove impurities.

As well as relax the muscles, tone them, keeps you young and vital. Other benefits are better sleeping patterns, as it helps to relax your mind and the body, as one feeds the other.

It also helps to lower the blood pressure, as many people, seem to get highly stressed in our hectic lifestyles and life’s demands in general, many worry and work too hard, or just find it difficult to unwind, that’s one of the best reasons  to get your regular sessions of massages that transform the stress to disappear, and give many benefits to your whole health!

Here at Joys Tantric massage in London, we have all had a specialist training in holistic relaxation and the ability to give sensual awakenings.

Many years ago this training was only given to very few people, it was handed down through the tantric yogis, and  these secrets were shared by a very few.  Tantra is a spiritual practice, which unites the mind body and soul connection, it gives us more clarity, depth, integration of sexual unity, the hidden parts of yourself come to a realisation, that is far reaching than any other, it teaches men to improve sexual awareness, how to be a more considerate lover,through this practice, we have specialist sessions to teach you ejaculatory control methods.

We include relaxation techniques to lower your blood pressure, how to meditate the tantric way, so you can have more control of your bodily instincts, this of course includes the breathing taoist techniques, – we also use other specialist techniques, which help to strengthen your mind and the body to be more in tune.

Your Tantric Massage will be designed around your needs and desires, but we always work towards balancing your energy centres, so you can achieve the best experience possible. I would like to recommend some books and DVD’s on the subject, if you would like to read on tantric, please click on this for further information. These two books can be purchased from www.amazon.co.uk  plus others to choose from, as well as dvds.

But the most valuable thing is to actually have a direct experience with an authentic touch massage therapist, as words cannot describe anything, but the experience is like a revelation!