Nude Massage In London

Nude Massage, with fully nude masseuses, by making a booking at Joy’s tantric in w2, London,  I will take you to a romantic setting, often with candles, and a gentle breeze of music flowing in, we can both undress each other, this is great fun, I will show you how slowly and sensually I can undress you, then if you wish, undress me the same way, we both take a shower either separately or together, now this is very enjoyable as we splash in the water, wet n wild, watch my nude body with water as I rub my body very gently next to yours!

Naked feels natural, watch me use my hand slide and glide over you in a most provocative way, I will use a warm oil, which is very inviting, and I will use a variety of magical touches, ranging from words cannot describe!…only the experience of it all will spell it out for you!

Another time you might fancy the 4 hands naked massage, that’s me and one of my other lovely masseuses, all very skilled, have you ever tried the 4 hands encounter? It’s a  luxury for some of our more elite clients, who need to escape and enjoy the uplifting experience, especially after a hard day at the office.

my naked body standing in high heels, very provocative, even before I start, is sheer pleasure, we can of course have a shower together if you like, as we both get naked together, slow teasing of your penis, also known as ‘Lingam’ massage, very playful, as you will find out,  it has many areas of arousal, will receive you a lot of pleasure, don’t worry I won’t make you finish too quickly, that the whole point, this is what it is about the longer the foreplay, the more enjoyment you will receive!

You could massage my colleague, while I show you how to massage her

I will show you how to massage her whole body too, and to use types of touch therapy, women love to be touched, but in a nurturing gentle way, it is important that all of us are naked and clean for this luxury 3 way sexy arousal,  4 hands is really euphoric, the energy shared is always magical, unique, and very memorable!

We then restart to massage you again, this time your feelings will get higher each time, till you are ready to enter the tantric journey of climbing the highest peaks of pleasure only when you’re ready, – you can experience the full body tantric orgasm, but we will delay it for as long as you can take it, this is the nature of sensual expansion!

After your 1 hour of sensual erotic bliss, you may want to lie naked, to absorb the precious moments, we hope you have relaxed and enjoyed yourself!  pleasure removes negative energy, reduction of stress hormones, and lights up your soul!

The nude massage in London, is always available at our private apartment, with stunning girls all dressed in nice lingerie, or nude if you prefer, after all, nudity is liberating to both of us!