Joys Massage Offers

Do you want to discover a new part of you ?- that probably has been lying dormant for many years!   We have the knowledge and experience, to introduce you to more than a sensual massage, you see there are many people who provide such services, under the umbrella of sensual services, but we here at Joys Tantric massage parlour, believe in what we do, and work with each person individually to ensure you become better acquainted, with the deep part of yourself that needs to be ignited, we are experts in this field, to ensure your experience is special, unique, and we work with the true spirit of Tantra realisations.

Tantric massage deepens your awareness and expands your knowledge, to increase your physical perceptions, open you to a more refined, tuned in parts of yourself, for example the tantra breath control, which is a Relaxation technique, the way we culminate it into our healing therapy, gives you tools for transforming your sexuality to greater pleasures but also to become a master of your own tools! – excuse the pun! but that is correct,  you will be guided through the meditation to acquire a  secret knowledge, through our Taiost practice, the ability to achieve sensual and luxurious excitement, where you also expand your inner knowledge, during the process, your body adapts to blissful waves of pure ecstasy, while your hormones increase,  when your on this platform your consciousness expands, your body is radiating full pleasure!

The next part, is to learn to breathe tantrically, we have to introduce you how and when, we include other taoist techniques to help you maintain, longer lasting pleasure, but with ability for you to maintain it for as long as possible, and delay this delicious arousal, in tantra we believe that spreading and expanding all the pleasures, gives rise to rich emotions, its not about reaching orgasm necessarily, if it takes place, then let it be!  but the waves of erotic pleasure will leave you in a state of euphoria like never before!

Premature ejaculation control, is one of the many benefits, of our waves of bordering on orgasmic bliss! as you will find out, we use special loving touches and caresses, we feel what we do, you will notice because we love what we do and believe in it, you will sense it too, – we have a lot of experience, and understanding, in how to give you the tantric awareness, it is a gift of knowledge, it makes everything work!

We have a selection of gifted qualified masseuses, who will take their time, it is an unrushed session you can choose 1 hour, 90 minutes or 2 hours, the whole point of our sessions is for you to gain the knowledge, it may sound simple, but one has to practice to acquire how it works for each individual.

Your mind relaxes, and lets go of today’s stresses, how important is that, in this ever so demanding busy city life of ours! the mind integrates with unity of mind body spirit, it is this special connection that makes tantra energy so special, in my opinion, experienced masseuses is what makes it a special journey!

We guarantee you a safe, serene environment, in a beautiful apartment, very near Bayswater,  where you can indulge in assisted showers, or bathing Ritual, as another plus to your appointment with us!