Tantric Helps Premature Ejaculation

During my years of Tantric massage practice, many of my male clients, discovered the amazing benefits, of specifically the tantra massages, have such a long list of benefits, that has even changed their whole way of relating to relationships, increased confidence, and turned their awareness around, by discovering, the mind body soul, connection, gives them a richer, deeper, understanding of themselves, improves awareness, increases sensitivity, they find, ways to relate to their girlfriends, wives or partners, in a more dynamic and competent way, a new lease of confidence!

How?! The Tantric training, I go step by step, with each individual client, depending what they need to achieve, or where they may need help, in their self, sensually teaching, various aspects of improving, love making, by using subtle techniques to start with, listening and observing body language, by improving how to practice mutual massage, the art of touch, is something that has to be developed, between partners and lovers, so by learning yoni massage, and how to touch the feminine body.

Women usually like to be caressed, soft gentle touch, never groping pinching or hard firm touching can feel very invasive to women! touch is also about trust, making your lover feel good, its about sharing, with her, what does she like, by exploration, we can find out, slowly, and surely.

Communication is of utmost importance in any relationships, for them to flourish, whether its simple every day communication or in the bedroom!
We can go the extra mile to work on our relationships, how to make them work on a level which brings, closeness, trust, more love and understanding, by sharing more of ourselves, including intimacy.

So sometimes you get home, your partner might be tired, or needs time to unwind, maybe have a little chat with a cup of tea, make time to have these intimate chats, they are very important, to keep the relationship fresh and alive.

Premature ejaculation for example is one of the problems many men face, at different age groups, some if very young, due to lack of experience, shyness or upbringing, have not had the chance to yet experience a relationship, so this can make them clam up, when faced with a real life girlfriend, as suddenly, they find themselves after a few dates with a new girlfriend, that they cant perform!

As a very experienced tantric counsellor, I can sense how I can assist them to recover their confidence, and find ways to treat the premature ejaculation.
Even guys who don’t have issues as to been due to lack of experience, with love making, also many do not even realise that, they can improve their performance with the special tantrical training which our therapists can help you greatly, our ladies have the skillfull hands and expertise to show you how it can be achieved, we will call it the special tantric book of secrets as many people seem to copy my wording I write, we are proper tantric masseuses, not escorts who are just using my blogs to fill up their empty spaces, my work is unique, and very genuine, all will be revealed in the booking we deliver superb relaxation with orgasmic pleasures that are divine, we work on a conscious level, we are progressive and deliver results,many escorts are offering tantric, but they dont really understand it as they do not ‘feel ‘ what they are doing, due to many years of hard work and experience I bring you my tantric therapy. slowly step by step, I will guide the way.

Once you practice this, is like learning the code of tantra opening yourself to the energy, like a spark, it will guide you and I have seen many many transformations within my clients.

Even from the first session! – many have left with a cheeky grin, smiling back to the office! of course depending on the severity of each individual, some guys will need several sessions to unveil their hidden patterns, and how to change them, its a challenge I love to see!

Yes you’ve guessed im not a young 19 year old, I’m a real mature tantric masseuse, who has had lots of training, and have practised within my own clients, over a number of years.

The results are still magnificent!

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