Tantric experience

Tantric Massage can be very supreme in every sense of the word, with the ability to understand how deeply tantric energy will give you sexual knowledge beyond sex itself!

Tantric experience you cannot resist

Its not about getting yourself to have an orgasm or even for that matter any old orgasm! …. After massaging tantrically for over 20 years, I have a vast experience, with the male clients especially, it seems that many call up, just want to know how many orgasms they can have in a session! or some think its  just a massage with an ordinary time, hmm!  well not here, this is my authentic touch, it is an intuitive perceptive touch, so its really made especially for you.

What is the difference?  If you go to an ordinary massage parlour, some may offer a genuine massage, others will use talc, lightly touch you, and your out within 5 minutes!

Well we don’t work like that!  tantric massage is a journey through the senses, every inch of your body will be touched, and sensually aroused, with the real spirit of tantric awareness, because many men are anxious to get satisfaction quickly, many seem to miss the point of the tantra- awareness, it is knowledge, which is far superior to other types of sensual massages, the reasons are very numerous, it is something you must try in order to realize.

The experience says far more than what I can describe here, and sadly many men don’t give themselves the chance to acquire the power and the depth, it is sacred tantra knowledge, although it can lead to sex, it isn’t the goal of tantra, but power is in the knowledge, how to use it to your best benefits, it has many elements, tantric yoga, helps to get in alignment with your body and connectivity, learning breathing techniques, helps to manifest, powerful relaxation, and deeper connections between your mind and your body, this union is important as it gives you the door to receive much more than just orgasm.

Our masseuses will guide you, to find the greater depths of your sensual arousal, and how to maintain this longer sustained arousal for as long as your capable, each time you have a session, it will improve the quality and expand your pleasures not just in the genitals, but the entire full body, will generate a very high feeling of  euphoric feelings that have been hovering but not been able to fully come out yet till you try one of my seductive sessions that will ignite your passions.

Tantric is similar to zen, in zen philosophy, here’s a saying- it is not the destination you want to get to! i.e. orgasm! but the journey to your destination, is what gives you feast of the fruits! – yes this is pure nectar at its ripest!

also when we have got you to this powerful tantric awareness, we help you to maintain it, last as long as possible! only then we can go to the next phase, – how to have orgasms that work through your entire body! not just the genitals!

For that you will need a powerful real woman with experience, to take you to this destination! all our masseuses have had holistic training and tantric sensual teachings, that take you to higher places.

If you need any assistance, simply call me, I have alot of experience in tantra, authentic touch, by www.joytantricmassagelondon.com from Joy and her dedicated team of expert masseuses.