Sexy Massage London

Sexy massages  London, offer many different styles to choose!  There are so many now available,  it will be hard to choose from! but if explained how some of them work and function, what is available, you may get to try some.

One of the most popular over the last 20 years is the actual ‘Tantric Massage‘ it has become universal, and extremely popular, you can find it in most major cities, around the world, as we as masseuses meet our clients and they are literally from every different continent you can think of!

Tantric means prolonged sensual massage

Tantric means prolonged sensual massage with delayed teasing and orgasm is delayed right till the end, using special tantric breathing, to make your orgasm much deeper and stronger. It also feels very tactile and the sensual energy radiates all around your whole body.

Nuru Massage means this sexy massage is very erotic, as its done using a special very slippery gel, which the masseuse warms up, and whilst she’s naked, she will use her naked body to massage you all over,very arousing and exotic, ecstasy runs high!

Erotic massage,  this again varies, all of the above, or perhaps the Nuru massage and yoni massage can be part of the erotic massage in London, erotic means its more sexual than sensual!

Yoni massage London, is about understanding and been shown how to give sensual foreplay with your hands, how to massage the masseuse in a tantric way, how to touch female body, sensitivity to touch, subtle against firm, you will be guided how to sensually arouse the female body including her intimate part, yoni is the word for female genitalia.

Prostate Massage, this is a slow sensual massage includes using PVC gloves using 1 or 2 fingers to massage the anal area, must be done sensitively, and slowly, this gives pleasure in this area due to many nerve endings, and ignites the passion deep within, can make orgasms for men more powerful. Our massage ladies have professional massage qualifications as well as training in the tantric massage,  also sensual touch has to be developed, where clients are looked after, with care and attention.

As you can see we offer quite a variety, so for a sexy massage in London, call me, Monday to Saturday, from 9am till 9pm, same day bookings are also available.