Tantric Massage For Men

Welcome to Joys Tantric Massage for Men, right in the heart of central London. This style of massage is not just sensual, it’s is everything a man can want. it includes many parts that yet have to be discovered, even if you think you know tantric massage, each time you learn a little more.

It is the most holistic type of

massage therapy for men

, as it includes all aspects of our being. Some of the benefits include Relaxation of the entire body from head to toes. The sensual and erotic parts go hand in hand, as you will find out about the lingam massage, which is tantalizing, teasing of the man’s penis, this is a very tactile form of touch, which can be made to linger slowly while massaging the testicles all at the same time.

It is done in an art form, not everyone can do it, although many try to call it tantric, the art is in the energy and spirit that you add, whilst giving this massage, which makes it feel authentic so that the man feels connectivity with his body and spirit. Tantric is sexual but goes much beyond sex, it reaches out to educate men to understand themselves in a  more positive way, in how to arouse themselves, and their partners, and delay and prolong pleasures, how to experience multi orgasms, and how to reach nirvana!

Although orgasms can be part of it, the point of tantra is to get the benefits from the whole experience and integrate them into your love life. Men can benefit from tantric by learning the special breathing techniques, which gives relaxation, but much more than that! it is this technique that shows you, here at Joy’s relaxing special encounter we will guide you to the Lingam breathing Ritual, this helps to prevent you from premature ejaculation, and show you a completely new way, of how to enjoy ecstasy, erotic moments that can last for as long as you can go! – it is this very special training, which we guide our male clients to receive very heightened states of verging on orgasm, but not quite, we take you there several times. This is so sensual and very erotic, it takes you to heaven several times!

Once you experience this state of pure orgasmic nirvana! you will realize and sense the power within you, the benefits of this ritual are to be able to empower you with more pleasure, multi-orgasmic states, and longer-lasting love making, this can help loving and personal sexual relationships, your sexual staying power will be much longer than ever! sometimes you may need a few sessions to achieve this, but always we see improvements even from first session.

We provide this London erotic experience, as incalls or outcalls, if you would like a little more info on how it works, or have any questions, please feel free to contact us, best to call me direct, either by email or telephone.