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Tantric experience

Filed in Blog, Tantric Massage London | Posted by Harmony on 23 August 2013

Tantric Massage can be very supreme in every sense of the word, with the ability to understand how deeply tantric energy will give you sexual knowledge beyond sex itself! Its not about getting yourself to have an orgasm or even for that matter any old orgasm! …. After massaging tantrically for over 20 years, I […]

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Foot Fetish Massage

Filed in Massage | Posted by Harmony on 22 August 2013

Foot Fetish massage in London, have become more popular, they take you out of your normal routine, and escape to explore your inner fantasies! Here at Joy’s, we delight in giving sensual and erotic sessions that will include a range of fun and various fantasies for you to choose, both ladies and guys, can find […]

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4 hands massage London

Filed in Massage | Posted by Harmony on 21 August 2013

Our qualified masseuses, will give a superb 4 hands massage in London, this session is especially good for the adventurous at heart, or a travelling man, who may be in need of extra massage and pampering! The benefits are many, including the extra pair of hands will help to rub away more mind body and […]

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Taoist Massage

Filed in Blog | Posted by Harmony on 21 August 2013

What is a Taoist massage?  – A philosophy, thousands of years old, the orientals have also been using Taoist theories and practices, and Zen Buddhism, there are many layers to this so we will concentrate on the Tao techniques. This is also where Tantra massage from India, meets Taoist techniques from the orientals, both different […]

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Why Tantric Massage?

Filed in Tantric Massage London | Posted by Harmony on 19 August 2013

Why choose Tantric Massage?  It’s no ordinary massage! this is one of the oldest sensual massages, that goes much deeper and much more beyond. Through the numerous amounts of different styles of massage therapies, each with its own valid therapeutics, the tantra awakens in most people a dormant part of themselves, when realised, its like […]

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Nude Massage In London – With Fully Nude Masseuses

Filed in Massage | Posted by Harmony on 15 August 2013

Nude Massage, with fully nude masseuses, by making a booking at Joys tantric in w2, London,  I will take you to a romantic setting, often with candles, and gentle breeze of music flowing in, we can both undress each other, this is great fun, I will show you how slowly and sensually I can undress […]

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Nuru Massage London

Filed in Nuru Massage | Posted by Harmony on 15 August 2013

A very sensational Nuru massage in London is waiting for you! Masseuses who specialise in Nuru Massage & naked massages with a variety of treatments, it opens up your senses to an extraordinary erotic level! an experience not to be missed! after taking a shower, the NAKED masseuse, will use her expert hands, to relax […]

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Joys Massage Offers

Filed in Blog, Massage | Posted by Harmony on 15 August 2013

Do you want to discover a new part of you ?- that probably has been lying dormant for many years!   We have the knowledge and experience, to introduce you to more than a sensual massage, you see there are many people who provide such services, under the umbrella of sensual services, but we here at […]

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Tantric Helps Premature Ejaculation

Filed in Massage | Posted by Harmony on 9 August 2013

During my years of Tantric massage practice, many of my male clients, discovered the amazing benefits, of specifically the tantra massages, have such a long list of benefits, that has even changed their whole way of relating to relationships, increased confidence, and turned their awareness around, by discovering, the mind body soul, connection, gives them […]

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Nuru Massage

Filed in Nuru Massage | Posted by Harmony on 3 August 2013

Want to know the latest news? – You must try at least once in your life! – its called Nuru Massage – it translates to slippery! Our Nuru Massage London masseuses, are all fully trained, in this very unique type of very intimate, body Sliding, its a totally unique ultra special experience! one of our […]

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