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Welcome to Lesbian 4 hands massages

!  New and amazingly sensual experience, we have recently added this to our services!   If you have ever tried a 4 hands sensual massage, you will realise the exciting built up and the therapy value of two beautiful girls, giving you all their attention is all focused on you!

Lets remove the knotted aching muscles to start with, then you will find how you can really let go of this weeks stresses, as after working in the city or the fast lane, things do built up and we should all take time to look after ourselves, massage clears out a lot of toxins from the body, re-energises you, and allows you to replenish and recharge your energy!

Having two lovely skilled pretty girls massaging is like heaven on earth!  the very thought of it,!  just lie back and relax, at this point, when at some point we will slowly lead to your sensual and erogenous areas, slowly teasing and getting you in the right mood for mutual massage or the superb you watching 2 girls massaging each other, you can join in with either of the girls to massage the other girl, or watch them body sliding each other sensually, various options are available, to make you have double the fun and double the pleasure! this session is fairly versatile, do you want to watch the girls arouse each other, while they playfully play with each other, this is a great erotic turn on for many guys who love to watch girls together!

We have girls who enjoy massaging each other, allow some sensual fun together and they really enjoy their sessions! they discovered they like girls as well as guys ! they are both very good massage therapists, in fact excellent by all their regular clients, and such great fun to be with!  Lily has a light hearted fun great sense of humour,  and superb sensual hands, has also had a write up about her skills on punternet, and beauties from the gallery.

She also has many appreciative clients who adore her and book her time and time again! so with the combination of these two delightful warm, affectionate fun loving masseuses, all speak fluent English, you will feel on a natural erotic high! Welcome to our newest 4 HANDS LESBIAN MASSAGE, WHERE the stress dissolves, time disappears, and you’ve just experienced one of the best sessions ever!

Book A Lesbian Massage

To book our 2 lovely girls for your first lesbian massage call me in advance to book it at present its just any day,  if you especially wanted a specific day call me for arrangements to suit you!  open 10 am. till – 9.30pm.

Call the joys booking line now! For excitement fun, erotic pleasure to live life to the max!