Erotic Massage For Ladies

For ladies, we provide a relaxation massage for removing muscular stress, and tension, from the entire body, by booking one of our

Swedish tailor-made sessions

, for your well-being and reviving your energy.  We have noticed many men treat themselves to massages, but women tend not to! – they indulge in buying clothes and make-up!  why not treat yourself to your well being after all health and beauty come from within, by having regular treatments, we clear many toxins from the body as well as lymphatic drainage, which helps to remove impurities, especially nowadays, people tend to eat more takeaways and use microwave ovens for quick fast dinners, to match the pace of life!   Apart from this, it helps to quieten our busy minds that are always thinking and always on the go, to finish tasks, work, cook, manage housework, home life, children, husband, boyfriend and we can often neglect ourselves, as many women look after their children and home life first, and often stay at home, and get in a rut.

I believe in looking after ourselves from a holistic point of view, that includes a really wholesome diet with plenty of vegetables, grains, olive oil, natural fruit juices and fruit, health starts with looking after oneself from within, getting enough exercise and fresh air. of course, massages keep you young and by been more relaxed we can face life’s daily stresses, more easily. whilst also been a pleasure.

What we offer is a combination of Swedish and relaxation of the muscles that feel tense, we only work on the comfort level of how you feel, pressure is adjusted, to suit individual needs, if you want a little firmer or a little lighter, you just tell one of our skilled masseuses and she will take care of your needs. One hour of bliss to melt the stress, with aromatic or plain oil, will elevate your mood and make you feel youthful and emotionally nourished. The benefits are many, it lowers blood pressure, increases endorphins these are natural painkillers that the body creates whilst your been massaged!  this is nature’s natural relaxation, yes that’s right no chemical drugs, all in your own natural resources the body creates by the manipulation of muscles and techniques that create blissful fulfillment to the entire body.  It also helps to increases circulation & removes lactic acid, caused by sports activities, so if you are active, as in any kind of sport or go to the gym, running, or a dancer, your hands, will remove the pain you experience after sports activities.

We also think it’s a great anti-aging experience as it tones the facial muscles and improves the appearance of our skin,  whilst improvement of circulation is always one of the best ways that serve our whole body from head to toes!  Our next offer if you want to experience is our tantric massage for ladies it is sensual and erotic, it gives pleasure and sensual healing to ladies. Women need tender touch and trust in order to let go, quality of touch is important, whether your male or female, it’s about making a connection with yourself and letting go, we endeavor to give you relaxation combined with tantric bliss touch, to give you pleasure waves and building the sensual energy to make a connection with your body and mind, our masseuses are skilled to give women pleasure, although orgasm can be a wonderful experience, the point of tantra is a pleasure.  we will work with your individual sensual self to help you achieve that, erotic touch for women, is pure sexual healing, call 07538-778018  for a life-changing experience, we have several masseuses who specialize in women’s massages.  We can also offer you NURU massage, its a type of body-to-body sliding, with a slippery gel that increases body contact, by our therapist will literally body slide with you, another option for ladies who need more fun and are adventurous!

Please call for a list of masseuses who specialize in women, especially available every day, we open 6 days a week they are experienced and enjoy giving you treatments. Call in confidence for any questions you may have.


TANTRIC MASSAGE FOR LADIES 1 hour £160 for incalls.