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Joy Tantric-Gina Tantric masseuse profile

Filed in Erotic Massage, Tantric Massage London, Uncategorized | Posted by Harmony on October 8, 2016

Hello Everyone,   Hi my name is Gina and as a masseuse I’m unique. First of all I’m British (actually from  london) and not only am I well educated and cultured but I’m also warm and attentive. I’ll put you at your ease and make you feel special. We have have a long chat or […]

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Jasmin anglo indian Tantric godess

Filed in Blog, Massage, Tantric Massage London | Posted by Harmony on October 6, 2016

Hello Everyone! I was born in London, I am educated in the uk, and I am currently studying for a degree. I work part time as a Tantric massage therapist here in the heart of central London. I work with a very nice lady called Joy, she is warm and very understanding, so we work […]

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Men need Tantric Education

Filed in Blog | Posted by Harmony on September 28, 2016

Hello everyone, I will peak very frankly about my experience as a masseuse and receptionist. After meeting many different types of clients, old, young, cheeky, naughty, and all the uneducated ones in between! I’m still amazed as to many guys at whatever age, they call me and ask me to tell them about the service, […]

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Tantric Massage manipulation 2016

Filed in Blog | Posted by Harmony on September 28, 2016

Well I’ve been around the massage world for many years now, and was very dissapointed to discover all the so called Tantric masseuses, that have entered slowly slowly, all on front page, have managed to squeeze out all the original genuine Tantric massage websites, to page 2, 3 or even beyond! even further than that! […]

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Joy’s Sexy Tantric Masseuses

Filed in Tantric Massage London | Posted by Harmony on July 11, 2016

Joy Tantric masseuses, are qualified in real massage, as in swedish therapeutic or relaxing deep tissue massage, lomi lomi. Some of our ladies have done Reflexology, foot massage specalist to relieve various ailments within the body. Our masseuses have a tantric massage training to ensure they are up to the standard required which is to […]

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Filed in Uncategorized | Posted by Harmony on June 15, 2016

Joy Tantric Massage is based in Paddington, London. We have been providing  genuine Tantric Massage, as well as pure relaxation therapies for over 25 years. We also have been running our private Tantric  Massage Tuition classes, for students, bodyworkers, and masseuses, at the same time, for those who wish to expand their knowledge. We train […]

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Erotic Massage for couples

Filed in Uncategorized | Posted by Harmony on March 1, 2016

Erotic Massage for couples can be very inspirational, enlightening, and super fun for renewal of relationships, giving you that spark again that can become dormant or quitened down due to many years of been together, as it happens to many couples, whether married or living together. Familiarity and routine of daily chores, working hours, and […]

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Male Tantric Masseur for Ladies

Filed in Male Masseur for Ladies | Posted by Harmony on February 9, 2016

A Male Tantric Masseur can help enhance sensual massage for ladies and couples massage, by massaging the ladies, the yang male energy is harmonised by the female yin energy, as the polarities are well balanced and naturally compliment each others energy. Some ladies can relax and enhance sensual stimulation by a qualified male therapist, one […]

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Adult massage London

Filed in Blog | Posted by Harmony on November 5, 2015

Adult massage London, is an exciting city of many massage styles to suit all different types of people, the variety is the biggest you can possibly discover, and experience for ultimate stress relief! removing physical bodily tensions, while your mind also adapts to relax at the same time, leaving you in a state of fantastic […]

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London massage

Filed in Massage | Posted by Harmony on October 26, 2015

Welcome to london, in united kingdom the capital, where abundance is my second word for it! it has eveything you can imagine! tall buildings, great sight seeings, amazing events every day, the most spectacler range of shops, to cover every class, need and budget, for example take a walk down from marble arch, just behind […]

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