Men Need Tantric Education

Hello everyone, I will speak very frankly about my experience as a masseuse and receptionist. After meeting many different types of clients, old, young, cheeky, naughty, and all the uneducated ones in between! I’m still amazed as to many guys at whatever age, call me and ask me to tell them about the service, afterwards often they will ask what is Tantric? so I explain in detail, it is a type of

sensual massage which includes relaxation and sensual

and erotic teasing, using lingam massage and other erogenous areas to stimulate you, this helps to heighten the pleasure and gives ultimate satisfaction with a tantric happy ending, everything is done with hands, some body to body if you so wish.

But I do emphasise the tantric foreplay and the superb teasing the lingam with delayed orgasm techniques to give you the most wonderful uplifting orgasm, one that makes you feel tingly all over!

Next, this young guy of 25 asks me do you do extras?!! I said if you add any extras you will not understand the concept of tantric and how it works! next question how many orgasms can I have within the hour ?! – I said this is not an express coffee shop! ha ha! omg ! …..

Sadly many men stay the same because we are competing with many other websites selling all services, also this spoils the education of Tantric massage and improves your sex life.

The thing is many guys, given half a chance, if they could have other extras, they would often choose that, as we have found out, we get asked many times, and they still miss the point of the experience! so they never progress, and still climax too quickly as they have learned to have orgasms by habit, and by masturbating in front of porn movies, their mindsets are in a different space.

I have met many clients, due to masturbating alone, who can only come by doing it themselves! and lack the concept of sharing or giving pleasure to a woman, as they only concentrate on themselves! the women want satisfaction too, but as you know, once a man has cum, the show is over! – some of the experiences are based on true stories, clients I have massaged, who themselves admitted, they cum too quickly and their wives are left feeling sexually unfulfilled! – of course, this doesn’t help if you’re in a loving relationship, as your partner will feel hurt that you don’t seem to care for them.

As a holistic therapist, I also believe that porn is a form of brainwashing their minds and although relieves sexual tension, it is also about quality! – when sensual encounters are shared, you don’t lose your vital energy as much as there is an exchange of sexual energy.