Tantric Massage Manipulation 2016

Well I’ve been around the massage world for many years now, and was very disappointed to discover all the so-called Tantric masseuses, that have entered slowly, all on the front page, have managed to squeeze out all the original genuine Tantric massage websites, to page 2, 3 or even beyond! even further than that! we also know there are some people who will do anything to get to the front page and take over.

We now have hundreds and thousands of escorts capitalising on the Tantric industry! so they take escort clients and tantric clients simply because they pay big money to be on the front page!

We got big agencies some are charging from £200 an hour or £250 an hour for incalls, others with plastic BOOBS and everything else that’s plastic and call themselves elite or new, and the men are paying for a tantric massage such dividends, it is making the WHOLE



Escorts have a different mindset, and usually have bad attitudes, because being an escort makes them bitter, and they can be cold-hearted! – this spoils it for the rest of the genuine Tantric industry!

By charging such prices, some and many other clients cannot afford it as much as when prices were more reasonable. Not everyone wants to spend £200-£250 a week for a massage! so we have to hang around all day for our rich clients to book because other agencies think if we charge less we are not as good as them!  Tantric massage agent owners have messed up a really good industry by overpricing themselves to the elite, and its all escort types who are not really qualified as masseuses but learn a few strokes, a lot don’t speak English, and are still been taken by the escort style agencies.

TWO YEARS AGO, we were all doing very well and all genuine tantric-run agencies were busy, now the big fish are here to take away a naturally good niche market that we have been into for many years!

This is really awful and sad, it is spoilt and run by people who say they are Tantric masseuses, they think by doing body to body is the key to fooling the public! body to body is a modern term added by supply on demand. There’s nothing wrong with body-to-body in itself, but when I meet girls for interviews they say yes I can do body-to-body! big deal! Anyone can do that, and you have to do it in a tasteful way!

There are hardly any British girls in this industry and the majority are selling anything and everything except a tantric massage!

I have been in the tantric massage industry for more years than anyone in this business, and have seen it change last two years more than ever before, by the manipulation of commercial marketing to get to the front page, and its not what you do, its the way that you do it!

I dont mind a bit of competition, thats normal, before the escorts arrived, we were all happily busy with our own regulars, and they used to come from 11 a.m till max 9.pm. now they come anytime of the day or very late at night they want incall at 11pm. or midnight, even 1. a.m requests! not many  masseuses want to work so late at night, when they have been waiting all day! – REASONS ?!! – BECAUSE escorts have moved in, it has made this beautiful Tantric massage industry similar to running the late night clients who usually want escorts!  We also get more and more clients asking for extras! all because the escorts girls can provide it, this spoils the tantric massage industry!

I am absolutely furious and saddened, by the whole mishaps of the commerce of humans!