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Male Tantric Masseur for Ladies

A Male Tantric Masseur can help enhance sensual massage for ladies and couples massage, by massaging the ladies, the yang male energy is harmonised by the female yin energy, as the polarities are well balanced and naturally compliment each others energy. Some ladies can relax and enhance sensual stimulation by a qualified male therapist, one perhaps they are not involved with, it can help them not only achieve full body massage for relaxation, but also find sexual stimulation and achieve orgasmic satisfaction, to stimulate libido or aid lack of libido, and even, – find sexual healing through a combination of counselling, talk therapy, massages of various styles, by using feathers, light caressing, tantric touch, swedish massage, lomi lomi, by using a variety of instinctive techniques, a good qualified male masseur can bring the female energy rising to equal sensual peaks just as much as men!

Womens sexual energy can go on much longer than a man’s just by its simple nature, of the built of the enticement, and the slow unfoldment of the female sexual energy, can be harnessed to be very enjoyable and long lasting!

Yoni massage can be performed, but only if the lady is ready and the energy naturally blends with her instinct, women need time to get relaxed and built up trust, the touch should be gentle and gradually infused slowly, like an enticement, encouraging natural senses, never force or grab, but you will know by the body movements of the lady if she likes the touch, therefore adjusting how you touch.

Many ladies can feel shy, but a good skilled male masseur who has experience, can help her overcome such inhibitions, or repressed  emotional, mental and physical barriers based on previous negative experiences, we form our thoughts and feelings. By expanding on the positive, we encourage to ultimately relax the body first, as its so important, of course ladies with sexual blockages, i.e, women who cannot orgasm, may need time but all part of the healing process.  Many sexual blockages can be from childhood, or in our teens, or even in our 20s for that matter at any age, but when the younger the mind sets the habits, and fears sets in, so we can get mental, emotional and physical barriers, making sexual relationships with ourselves, or with a partner difficult, as one often holds on to things even without  consciously been aware, but unconsciously the body’s responces show us the blockages.

We also often find, that couples love to have a male masseur or a female masseuse, to enhance their sensual relationship by being observant while watching one another receive  naked sensual massages, as the energy expands, – it is very personal to each person, whether male or female, or a couples massage if they choose one or another, for sexual enhancement, extra stimulation many couples find it exciting, stimulating, enhancing, and gratifying to experience either a man massaging his girlfriend and he has a female masseuse, both exchanging the polarity of each other receiving erotic massage they enjoyment can be more enhaced by watching each other!

Other couples can enjoy both man and lady massaging them, providing – your not a jealous type!… and accept it for the fun and stimulation it is.

We have couples who often visit us for nuru massage or Tantric massage, they simply love it and its relaxing qualities gives them a lift and intensifies their passion!

We have a brand new exciting male masseur, looks like adonis!…beautifull body Alex works out in the gym, very fit, strong and fit, warm and friendly, his warm smile as you greet him will make you feel so welcome! check the gallery under Alex for a wondefull time, does, ladies and couples.