Sensual Massage Aphrodisiacs In London – What Exactly It Is?

What Exactly Is An ‘Aphrodisiac’?

It can be something that helps to enhance your sexual appetite, to increase and enhance sex drive. Tantric massage is one of the ways we can help you achieve that! if you are tired or stressed, you may find, perhaps that sex drive is low, or diminished, due to many factors in our lives, we can find ourselves not feeling our usual sexual perky self.

In India, and the far east, many men use herbal and oil aphrodisiacs to increase sexual libido and stamina, especially if they are getting on in years, and feel that things in life in general, can weigh us down with stress, and responsibilities, same applies to women, looking after children, cleaning the house, preparing food and lunches for the whole family, doesn’t give much time for leisure or pleasure.

Both the right food and Herbs and special aromatherapy oils, please note they must be in their pure form, the essential oils, and must be used in conjunction with a carrier oil, mixed then applied either as a massage oil or as and when required.

Our skin has the ability to absorb essential oils through the act of sensual or therapeutic massage, which can have healing and beneficial effects on our well-being. The massage oils will be a mixture for example sweet almond oil as a base then a few drops of oils known to be natural aphrodisiacs are, rose, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, and jasmine oil, are just a few of the oils that can be combined, since stress is also important to address,  a  few drops of lavender can be added, but not essential. The actual essential oils can be mood-elevating, and affect the senses too, as they can be pleasing to smell.

Food is a helping hand to enhance sexual appetite, of course, these take time to be absorbed, and you can’t expect overnight results!

What Food Helps You May Ask?!

Vitamin E is one of the most vital vitamins for increasing vital sexual energy, and the foods to find it in, are in nuts, almonds, cashews, all seeds especially pumpkins are full of zinc too very important for replenishing male sperm. All nuts that are seeds include sesame seeds, are great sexual potent foods, also avocados contain Vit E, fresh foods especially Raw foods as in salads and some fruits can give energy, within our cells, looking at our body as a whole organism, rather than isolating, it to just foods specific.

Other foods help sexual potency, but as everyone is different, some people may find it different foods have more effect than others until they find what best works for them!

Sexual enhancing foods – Ginger, chocolate, honey, Fish, some find prawns, and the latest research is Squid/octopus, it has special ingredients which are very potent! it is also energy-boosting as it gives energy to the cells of the body. Protein in general is an energy booster, found in meat, fish, cheese, nuts as a general.

Removing stress – when we are stressed worried or have major responsibilities to sort out, we can get bogged down and feel depleted, both mentally and physically, this has a physiological effect on our mind-body, and we get affected by our mindset. That’s why massage is one of life’s greatest stress-busting tools, to overcome this ongoing and the busy lifestyles we lead.

If we still live in the city, our lives are always in the midsts of traffic, schedules, appointments, tasks, rent to pay, bills to pay, and the list goes on! making a list of stuff to do can help you get organized, and tick it off as it gets done, each task is done. It just helps to give clarity to everyday tasks, otherwise, we get confused and overwhelmed, is it any wonder we get stressed?!

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Sensual Tantric Massage?

By the way, we are touched, we can feel soothed, and touch says a lot, by the language of the movements of the masseuse’s touch, it can be loving, and softly enhancing and enticing your sensual virility and appetite, it is like an appetizer, the elixir of life! It nourishes the essential part of ourselves that needs loving and nurturing.

Of course natural by nature! the most natural aphrodisiac is the loving touch of our masseuses will lovingly touch you, to enhance full-body pleasure enhancement of sexual libido, through the limbic system. We use special oils, which are slippery and feel like silk hands are touching you all over!

Other superfoods can also increase our vital sexual energy, wheatgrass is a real superfood, I used to grow this wheatgrass many years ago before everyone talked about it! I met a lady who was 60 but looked 40, I asked her what her secret was, she said I drink a lot of wheatgrasses every day, yes the real juice she grows it and extracts the juice. I was impressed! her skin was glowing, and she had a lot of energy! now wheatgrass has 101 vitamins and minerals! other foods are Figs, eggs, oysters, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries boost brain power too. Ginseng is an obvious one but please do not use it if you have high blood pressure. Ginseng must be used with caution, but if you don’t have high blood pressure it has a very high energy booster!

Tantric Massage has been a great sexual reviver for many couples, as it enhances you in many different ways, by its sheer opening of the senses, it manifests the physical to enhance the spiritual, which stimulates the sexual arousal, in every sense of the way, many couples have told me it has given them a new lease of life! Do women love to be touched just as much as men do, secrets of how to do mutual massage? explore your own self by booking a one-to-one with one of our masseuses! visit the gallery on this site, feel the energy, who is right for you and give joy a call, we aim to please! call me on 07538778018


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