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We all want to improve our health, but many of us, just don’t realize that

valuable information

, is even more available everywhere, but where does one start?

Lots of information, on books, Websites, search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc, websites have taken over the world, but we do have choices and can make informed choices in order to help our health in general. Well, today I am going to give you some up-to-date information on my latest research.

How To Improve Health

Many people take their youth for granted, but later on, when we get into our more mature years, it catches up with us. Although we are faced with fast foods and many people eat takeaways, very convenient, if your working long hours, and don’t have time to cook, or too tired to cook, apart from the odd takeaway, what is your diet like? How to maximize the vitamins in your daily life and the minerals that are missing?

Here Is A List Of Healthy Options

Organic, Fresh food, cooked, or raw depending on your digestion. One thing I am against is man-made preserved meat, that means foods which are treated with ‘Nitrites’ these are chemicals which are known to be carcinogens, means they are cancer-causing, Bacon, sausages, salami, frankfurters, sausage rolls, Ham, all are preserved in nitrites in order that the meat does not go off, practical but at what price to your health?

Don’t be fooled by the fact that supermarkets and the whole food industry make money out of people’s taste buds, but also many people think if it was bad for you, that it wouldn’t even be for sale?! that’s where your wrong! Alcohol is available so are cigarettes, everyone knows neither are healthy, Alcohol can be tolerated in moderation, tobacco is just a bad habit, people fall into encouraging introductions from their friends! -how friendly is that?!

A little of what you fancy does you good! but use healthier options, there are lots of other healthier recipes, wholesome means they are not processed! wholegrain brown basmati rice, is very good has B vitamins, white rice is polished, even all the husk is removed which makes it less nutritious, it creates a more acidic environment, so what we need is a more alkaline diet to match the ph in our blood, natural by nature. What else can you do with brown rice? First of all many folks don’t know how to cook brown rice, when you do you will realize the flavor for a start! Apart from savory dishes, it can be used also to make rice pudding, using almond milk, honey, and a few sultanas if you fancy them, and cinnamon, helps to balance blood sugar, it has a natural sweet flavor.

You will not find tate and Lyle white sugar or any sugar in my kitchen, but I must also say even worse than sugar is the whole host of synthetic and low carbs devious sugars that women fall victim to using saccharin, candarel, sweet ex, aspartame, the latter being so disgusting to our health, just google it and see, it can make you very sick! all in the name of dieting! to lose weight! my next pet hates although the orientals make tasty stir-fries, they have low cancer rates in the orient, but they are still stuck and add monosodium glutamate! it is very big in China, that people use it too, but China is full of it, this chemical can make some folk so sick, some have even ended up in the hospital! it is a chemical that exaggerates the flavor of any food, in order to make you addicted to the flavor! it can make you feel extremely thirsty, and give you bad migraines and a general sick feeling that can affect you physically for several days before your liver manages to clear it.

Always try to use preferably organic, if not wash vegetables or fruit very well, or peel the skin, if not organic as there are many pesticides on the skin, which is not good for us as these chemicals can lodge in your body. This includes heavy metals, can arise from contaminated fish, some medical jabs are also using mercury to preserve the jabs in! That is a well-known factor, but detrimental to many who can have a very sensitive reaction to mercury. Sensitivity and reactions vary from person to person. There are so many foods that we can introduce, fresh is most important, not overcooked, unless your cooking meat, all meats should be thoroughly cooked, never ever eat meat or fish with any blood whatsoever. Introduce more vegetarian proteins, pulses, lentils, falafels, avocados, as protein, give your body a rest from meat it is hard to digest, and our kidneys take a lot from overconsumption of protein. In this article I will just say the basics, to start, everything in moderation, use sea salt in moderation, drink good quality water, most of us do not drink enough water, but we drink everything else other than water, but guess what, our bodies are crying out for water in order to make our organs work and function normally, otherwise it takes water from our blood!

Life is about knowledge, seek it, it’s is one of your best friends. Money is helpful but knowledge is even more powerful!

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