Tantric Massage By Sensual Beautiful Masseuses- Healing Your Sexual Self

Tantric Massage can heal your sexual self, in a very profound way!

Have you been to see these girls who have no idea how to massage, no massage skills at all, but use the words TANTRIC MASSAGE to pull you in ?! When you see Tantric owo, body to body and girlfriend experience??!! -thats got nothing to do with Tantric?!

Tantric has become the most fashionable word for sexy or sensual massages! thousands of escorts are offering it with not the true intention of tantra, more like an excuse to sell extras!

Plus it gives us who have been training and are trained in real massage  of the therapeutic and Relaxing type, and tantric massage, we have certificates and diplomas, having to justify tantric massage and an excuse poor versions and unskilled hands, who are just using the idea. It seems that many girls think soft  equals tantric, but have no idea how to touch you! how do I know? met many who pretend to be qualified, but arent! not even remotely! covered in tatooes looks cheap, if they got any class or sense!

It also gives Tantric massage a bad reputation instead due to people using it to cover tantra for sexual services.

Not just put pictures in lingerie, and see who rolls in ! It is unbelievable what has happened to tantric massage world! COMMERCIAL! COMMERCIAL ! SOLD OUT ! RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF young unskilled girls all using the word tantric.

Well Ive met quite a few who lie about been qualified, but really cant even do a normal massage never mind pure tantra! These girls want to make money without any skills, its ridiculous!

Men fall for it because of the state of where they are at in their awareness of own consciousness, and ability to see beyond the superficial world of advertising and their own limited expectations, sad but true.

There are different people who come in through different doors. We have a selction of very nice skilled masseuses, here at www.joytantricmassagelondon.com/gallery

who can deliver a quality tantric including some do chakra rebalancing, conscious healing, with tantric training you too can have an awakening of how energy can travel around the body, with meditation and the intention of the masseuse, she can guide you through a selection of  treatments to raise your sexual energy to the highest, including raising kundalini energy.

What is kundalini energy? it is your sexual energy, taken through a sequence of meditations and tantra massage combined together, as we move your sexual energy through prana, breath, raising each time, this builds up your sexual energy, it is a powerful source, our sexual energy, it is creative and helps to heal premature ejaculation, improve and make a man’s sexual energy, to last longer and give him the personal trasformation he truly deserves.

Its not just about sex, but high quality attunements to release negative energy, re learn how to enjoy yourself and share it with a loving partner, girlfriend or lover.

We are great believers in the Tantra way of healing and we invite you to try it at least once in your life!