AMBER New Beautiful English Tantric Masseuse With Spirit

Hello everyone,

who loves Tantric massage or a beautiful slippery Nuru massage! We welcome you to try our fantastic

New Beautiful English masseuse

,  known as AMBER, who has had a very thorough physical and spiritual training in the beautiful country of INDIA! – the home of where Tantric came from its roots and culture, has brought immense spiritual awakenings to many people around the world.

AMBER IS EXCLUSIVE TO JOY TANTRIC, She is not only beautiful on the outside but has a wonderful spirit of integrating the mind body and spiritual connections within the tantra awakenings.

She is a Reiki master healer, and practices yoga of different types, a holistic masseuse, there are not many of those around.

Learning the core of Tantra, awakening your kundalini sexual energy using breath techniques, and visualisation, she will guide you through, you can book one hour, 90 minutes or 2 hours.

She is special as you will sense when you meet her, very friendly, warm, and engaging, and is here in London to practice some of her beautiful ‘Tantra’ on you, can do males or females.

Available by appointment in Paddington near to Hyde park and Lancaster gate, w2 London. She works by appointment, which can be the same day or in advance.

She has trained in healing the whole body by working through energy points, unblocking, and Indian Tantric masters, she has studied with, and use other techniques that often western trained girls have not had such special training as you would receive in India.

Indian tantric and culture come as an integrated package, a way of natural enlightenment, with meditation, yoga, and using natural herbs as in medicine, is a  natural way of healing ourselves and those we care about. How cultivate our knowledge through the power of a touch, massage and other alternative ways help to empower and support our physical and mental health.

Especially in our society, where drugs are given as medicines, often suppress symptoms as opposed to helping to detoxify our bodies in order for us to function in a healthier way and be more vital.

Prolonging life and health should be our top priority. Feed your mind, feed your spirit. Natural foods and fresh should be part of our daily nourishment. Our bodies thrive on fresh natural preferably organic foods. A good night sleep replenishes the mind and body. Did you know that between 11pm and 1.a.m. is the most crucial time to be asleep? according to scientific research thats when the mind clears alot of clutter from the brain. It also helps prevent memory loss.

Massage helps many people relax and get a good night sleep also! if you have any blockages in sleeping or other ailments, your welcome to book with amber, with Tantric or Reiki sessions.

A Fantastic lady and shes British! Awaken your light energy with AMBER NOW on 07538778018.

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