Tantra Sessions

Tantra Sessions in the united kingdom

Tantric Massage is now one of the most popular massages in the united kingdom, and its spreading like wildfire, all over the world, infact ! What a phenomena! You can relax and find an essence of your true self find natural ways to let go of the daily stresses, but also find alot more what tantric massage in London can actually do for you.

Its difficult not to just look at all the pretty models that are available, but finding genuine tantric qualified therapists is not easy, there  is an art to delivering quality touch, each one has their own style, but remember the core of tantra is to find your inner pleasure zones expanding and finding a connection with the therapist who can tune into your individual energy, some call it finding someone you click, but going much beyond that, allow yourself to drift, and almost meditate, if thats how the energy lends itself.

The joy of Tantric massage, is to enjoy every moment and my recomendation is to learn the tantric breathing techniques, as this gets to the core of your natural sensual self to increase awareness, and a deeper connection with your body, an integration of the physical mental and emotional, releasing greater awareness, will give you a deeper understanding of how you are the master of your own impulses, your sensual and erotic powers increase by the very practice, in turn will give you knowledge of pure sensual and erotic pleasure to share or give to yourself and your partner.

This knowledge is sacred! learn it !  do it !  practice it! become the person you deserve to be, many people nowadays, think that tantric massage as performed as just a normal massage, they dont realise, theres an art in it, and working with individual energy, for many years, I can see its become very diluted, and so many are trying to do a poor version and missing the core!  when you become awakened to this knowledge, it is a key to many sexual ailments that can heal you from within, including how to last longer, – sexual orgasms can last twice as long, or even give you capacity for hours, once you grasp the knowledge, how to have really long creative love making sessions with your lover, and an orgasm that comes your whole body, not just the genitals! I have been teaching and practising tantra since 1990. with many interesting stories to share in my next blog, thanks – joy x