Get Tantra Education – What’s It All About?

Tantric Massage, so many people ask what is a lingam, or what actually is tantric, still a lot of mystery behind it, of what its all about!

Here’s a list of words that you may find useful when reading about tantric massages, first of all, it has always been a pleasure to educate you guys that tantric and tantra is the same, but what makes it really special is the ability to re/educate your sexual patterning, not only learn delaying techniques, for prolonging erotic pleasures but to sample a tantric orgasm by authentic touch, will melt your stress and leave you in the most euphoric state of a very satisfactory orgasmic experience!

I get lots of calls from guys who just don’t really understand it, lets make it very simple!, its a style of massage, that you may lie on a bed or therapy couch, others do it on a mattress floor level, so they can do body to body fully naked with the mix of tantric touch.

The whole thing is like a magical ritual, with soft music, candles, soft lighting, and nude girl will sensually touch and tease you, her feminine shape will arouse your every limb, while she gently touches you, in every inch of your entire body, sending shivers and beautiful feelings immerse, giving you the thrill of been super turned on!

Its called – ” come on baby light my fire” !!……… this will leave you breathless and so excited, as we slow it down and then, lift the energy higher each time.


TANTRIC OR TANTRA – means to expand and weave the energy, its connectivity, and creativity, in full motion of energy, whether it’s relating to yourself or with a partner.

LINGAM OR LINGHAM, – this is the Sanskrit word- that is the old Indian language, in the translation of lingam or lingam, it means penis.

YONI -is the Sanskrit word for the woman’s erotic area, her vagina, in tantra is honored and carries a lot of emotions.

YONI MASSAGE – this is the actual message that can give pleasure and satisfaction to a woman, her boyfriend, husband, or lover, can massage her very gently, as to give her pleasure, and to share the pleasure.

PROSTATE MASSAGE, – this is massaging the prostate, it helps to release tension, increase circulation, and can make men’s orgasms more intensified.

BODY TO BODY MASSAGE – As part of the massage, that is tantric, we can combine body to body, which means whilst you are naked and the masseuse is naked, she will use her nude body to slide all over you, which is really a pleasure! combined with erotic and sensual touch, it’s simply amazing!

NURU MASSAGE – We use a slippery gel to massage you, this covers the real meaning of BODY TO BODY! but instead of oil, it’s a slippery gel. The session is mainly full body sliding, it includes sensual touch and erotic body gliding, with an experienced masseuse you will have an ultra-fun time!

HOT OIL MASSAGE – we use warm or hot oil to massage you, so you feel double the pleasure double the fun! never too hot, but warms and titillates your senses, it’s is what makes the whole massage a real pleasurable experience.

NATURIST MASSAGE – This is a massage that includes both the giver of the massage and the receiver of massage to be fully naked, for the whole time of the session. It can be tantric, sensual, or erotic, even Swedish massage, there are naturist spas across the world that provide such a service, it does not mean it has to be sexual, but naturism means being in your naked body, no clothes on.

TANTRIC ORGASM this you must experience, so you can see the difference between tantric orgasm and ordinary masturbatory orgasms, are very different,  the difference is the tantric breathing is involved with the delaying of your pleasures right till the end of the session, it not only spreads the sexual energy but gives it the ultimate tantric orgasmic finish so that you will be on an even better high, than sex !! – yes tantric orgasms can really elevate your sexual energy, to greater depths, of sexual arousals, like never before, many clients tell me they have never experienced such a powerful full body orgasm, one that satisfies you to the core of your being!

My name is Joy, I have been practicing and teaching tantric massages for over 25 years, all the therapists here are trained by me, here at joys, we hope that you will understand and receive tantric in a way that gives you far more than just sex. It teaches us how to maximize our individual capacity to give and receive pleasure, & the ability to express ourselves more fully, for ourselves and to our partners, giving us creative tools for this divine touch, can change the way we see and relate to sex, love, and how it can heal you.

Tantric Massage Tuition