Modern Tantra 2015

What is the meaning of modern tantra?

over the last 25 years tantric massages have been relevant in uk, although tantric has been around far longer, for hundreds of years, historically based in the old traditions of India and Tibet, where they have been practising the more spiritual aspects of these traditions such as tantric yoga and meditation. We in the west have only been familiar with it for a shorter time, but it has been spinning its popularity certainly over the last 25-30 years and the demand is still on for the ultimate sensual massage that has hit the globe and especially in the united kingdom.

Back in the 90s when Tantra became the new form of sensual massage to arise and really circulate around, so people actually got to experience the superb relaxation, with new age music softly playing in the background to set the mood, men were discovering the mind body awakening to delayed pleasure and the fantastic delayed breathing techniques that leave you in the most ultimate heavenly sexual bliss! a delayed orgasm is something everyone should experience, as it trains the mind to teach the body to enjoy sumptious blissfull feelings of full body pleasure rising in its peaks of feelings that you will relish, and increase desire, in a delectable, enticing, and teasing way an experence never to be forgotten!

As the years pass by, modern tantra has developed  in such a way, more in the way of what we term, as ‘Body to body massage’ and that means the masseuses are now including – nude body to body, which origins have developed from the orientals, who traditionally practice the body sliding methods meaning while your naked the masseuse uses her naked body to literally slide over you, using special techniques, both on the front and back of your body, of course this can be very exciting! leading to euphoric feelings of sexy pleasures, usually with a orgasmic finish, it doesnt mean sex, but the sensual and erotic experience will be more than satisfying!

Which can also include another type of eastern adult massage also known in modern massages as ‘Nuru massage’ this is one of the best body to body massages, as traditionally we use a slippery gel, which makes the sensations electrifying! makes sliding easier and more slippery, the gel feels soft and gives very sensual experience direct to the skin, which is also nourishing, as its origins are from seaweed, it has no smell, and washes off easily.

I think this is a sensational experience that everyone should try, especially for couples as its such good fun and will tease all your senses from head to toe! after all been relaxed is one of the best tonics for our well being.