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Baker street Tantric Massage, or sensual body massages are available by some select special masseuses, who know how to invigorate, and tantalise your whole body, and make you walk out with a smile.

Baker street is one of those very busy bustling big shopping areas, of just about every shop you can imagine. It has glorious buildings including Victorian houses, and Madam Tussaud’s is one of the tourist busy attractions, if you happen to be in the area and want to visit very near the station.

Our magical handed therapists here, are extremely talented, and often very booked up, so try to book early, one very talented lady is Amanda, not just simply beautiful, but very special and dedicated superior sessions can be had by this astonishing masseuse!

Suggest you book her 24 hours in advance, as she is booked up from day before! thats how good she is, and she is a high quality giver!

Next, there is also another warm friendly masseuse, who loves to give these sexy treatments, she adores getting massages herself too! so she is very sensual with long blond hair, busty too, lovely smile and wonderful company to be with that is Amber!

If there are more than 2 of you, we have spare masseuses also in this area, we can provide who don’t put their photos up, but we can provide photos through whats up or email, if need be.

Here are photo  of Amber  she is blonde.

Amber erotic