Tantric Orgasm part 1 – A Guide To Know


It is exremely different to other types of sexual relief, in so many ways, that you will have to try it, by a proper qualified practitioner! not just some girl who wants to do massage of any type of sort, but calls it tantric, just because its the ‘in thing’ or its fashionable trend!


With so many different providers, its a jungle ones has to plough through! its like looking for a needle in a haystack!
Recommendations do your homework, browse through, check experience, qualifications? do they have any credibilities, qualifications, are they covered by an agency, or if its from some other escort providers I would have my doubts! Because there are hundereds more escorts coming to try to do massages and havent got a clue!
We are now getting alot of guys asking for all sorts of extras, whereas before it was more authentic men looking for good quality tantric providers, its a shame it’s been spoilt by everyone who wants to jump on the bandwagon!
When they come for interview, first of all they cant even do a basic massage, although for 5 mins most fools think they can fool me, to get a job, but they don’t, TANTRA has to be learn’t!…. it helps enormously if you have some basic massage skills to start with!

Your mind set has to be different, that takes time to adjust, develop and intergrate, your own version, as we are all different, we acquire our own individual touch and sensual movements to increase our own signature massages, they can take time to develop, with special music to inspire you, none of your rock or fast or loud beats! its not a disco! – its a relaxation set up with harmonising the eauilibruim of the soul, the music temperament must be carefully chosen whilst massaging to the rthym of my hand movements.


First of all, after your shower, you will lie down, whilst I give you the RELAXATION MASSAGE to begin our journey. As I start to massage you, I notice you have some deep knots around the shoulders, I will combine my skills to dissolve them as this lays the foundation of removing this BODY ARMOUR’ many of us hold, consciously or unconsciously, its there, this is our defence system to our particurlar environment, our circumstances, and the world in which we live in!

One of favorite psychotherapists was Willhelm Reich, he was very controversial for his time, as he discovered BODY ARMOURING WITHIN OUR PHYSICAL BODIES ARE MANIFESTATIONS OF MENTAL AND PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL STRESS, HELD TIGHT INSIDE OF US. THESE MUST BE RELEASED IN ORDER TO FEEL HEALTHY AND VITAL AGAIN. Every thought you think and each emotion that develops, forms a deep structure gradually manifesting into physical problems. Our mindsets have to change in order to move to easier capacities for us to live our lives in a less stressfull way. As one affects each other, we have to be watchfull for our healthsake!
How much stress or tight muscles do you feel in yourself? when you driving, in traffic, or get angry and frustrated, where does this energy go?!…as the mind affects the body and vice versa, did you give your BODY A MASSAGE MOT? As a qualified massage therapist, soon as I lay my hands on you, I sense where you hold these bodily tensions, I also look at your face, does it hold the emotion of some kind?

Many people hold back in expressing themselves out of fear, whilst others might be shy. A frustrated and held-in with angry persons can develop into depression, as the energy cannot be expressed! look out for the signs!- that doesnt mean we go around been agressive, but allowing yourself to express it in a healthy way, talking about it with a qualified therapist, counselor, psychotherapist, or even a good friend who is a good listener! – release and let it go!