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Our  Tantra massage is to be found across the London area, see our locations.  A sensual and erotic unique experience, by qualified & experienced therapists. Incalls or Outcalls, book now on 07538778018.

Enjoy fully Naked Tantra Massage in London in its authentic form, with original techniques, by our very expert qualified masseuses, who have the ability to bring the best sensual experience. This is a journey of the senses, incorporating, and exclusive touch, to invite you to the delicious touches of our naturist, nude erotic encounter, never forgotten! But the memories will stay with you for a long time!

Are you ready to be receptive, and drift into our world, explore your inner capacities, to enjoy more pleasure, for an even longer time, than you expected! The secret is in the depth of our hands to include our secret techniques, which we can reveal when you book one of our explorative, and our exclusive and the best Tantric Massage bookings in London. These special techniques have been handed down, through masters, who have many years of experience.

Our Tantra Massage sessions can be both a spiritual and emotional journey that you can benefit from in a variety of different ways. Even though it dates back to thousands of years ago, the traditions are still used and the western world is particularly exploring this, which partly explains the resurgence of popularity of this technique in recent years.

Awakening Your Energy To The Tantra Way

An abundance of knowledge, there is no religion attached to it, so it gives freedom to whatever you want to learn.  Or to find out more, some of the practices include a way of quieting the mind as for example meditation, how to breathe the Tantra way which can lead to a complete spiritual awakening lying deep inside, ready to be brought up to your consciousness, awakening to this, like something you have forgotten! Some call it Kundalini energy, waiting to rise, with your sexual power now being trapped and released! Feel your sexual energy, comes to life! The inner sanctuary of the mind with, the key to enlightenment! You will experience exotic touch, nude and lingam teasing. Lingam in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language, meaning Penis, or manhood, erotic touch covering every millimeter of your naked body!


Karina Tantric masseuse

A Holistic Approach To Tantra

Our specialized, sexy Tantra massage in London adopts a truly holistic approach to learning more about oneself, through sensual soft touches, to much more erotic, building up sexual energy, invigorating sexual arousal. We set the mood with low lights, play sensual and relaxing music while the candles flicker.


Choose A Masseuse To Book – Loving Touch Therapists

We start with the most relaxing and gentlest type of touch, building you up to its art form. Your chosen masseuse will include various infusions of caressing and certain inviting and enhancing techniques that will leave you delightfully stimulated, as this invites your inner desires to come out to play!

With warm oil, teasing the way over every part of your naked body, legs, bottom, and the naked girl’s body slowly sliding on you to achieve the perfect blend, until at a certain point will take you to the special breathing exercises, your sexual test drive test is about to be challenged in the nicest and the sexiest way!

Our Natural touch, will always deliver the maximum pleasure, followed by the Tantra lingam massage which is our next exploration which involves even more pleasure for the client with intense orgasmic waves, so your energy is really going higher and higher, even more, arousal is deliciously included! Then the girl will skillfully, relax you again, take you again to the higher ground each time!

Irina Sensual masseuse

The quality of orgasm is astounding! As you will discover when you choose a time! Our special techniques of going higher each time build and builds up the erotic highest heavenly peaks of sexy pleasure! It then fills your entire body with the most arousing feelings, higher each time!

Our adult massage in London will take you to the most explosive point of no return! That’s right! A full tantric or tantra orgasm, which is absolutely mind-blowing! Most men don’t know what a whole-body orgasm feels like!

Feeling Curious? 

You should be, if you have never had one, you have no idea about what you are missing. This is no sale pitch, but we genuinely believe and know the benefits of full-body orgasms, and how to achieve this, by specialist hands.

Experienced  Since the 90s

We at Joy in London, have been giving and teaching the art of the Tantric touch therapies, since the early 90s, we have reinvented ourselves, and specialised in this unique experience.

If you are new and a little nervous, rest assured that our Tantra Massage sessions in London are conducted by a qualified masseuse, who has had special training, to give you professional treatment, to stimulate all your receptive areas from every aspect to your body.

What To Expect?

Through the art of Touch, our very unique combinations, based on traditional techniques, helps to enhance your mental and physical receptive areas, this releases oxytocin a hormone that is released to make you feel nourished, loved, and gives a very satisfying feeling like floating on air!

whilst the body releases – endorphins, which are stimulating by the very essence of touch, my hands glide over you in a soft flowing way, it increases pleasure throughout the whole body, feelings of tingling, the emotional body combines with the physical, and they infuse together like a magical combination, a true physical enhancement, to behold.

Tantra Or Tantric Exploring Love Through Sacred Touch

Touch is the essence of love, the way we touch you gives the emotions the richness that is hidden inside each one of us, this essence is much needed in our world to soothe, nourish and uplift our emotions.

Mankind is hungry for touch, but Tantra touch is one that you have to try to really appreciate it on a deeper level. As it goes through different layers, each time you have a session, you learn something new about yourself or something you can share and treasure.

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Benefits Of Tantra Massage

Stress Release!

General massage in itself is great for getting rid of physical muscular tension, improving blood flow, our busy mind is quieted set free during the massage and often clients will experience dream-like feelings of relaxation, Endorphin will also be naturally released, these chemicals help to dissolve the negative stress hormones, gives you inner peace and the ability to balance your energy to create complete harmony within aiding healing to take place.

Sensual & Erotic Arousal

Sensual touch will heighten sensitivity, awareness, sexual responses & also creativity, thereby inviting energy for a more meaningful, intimate relationship. We explore together how sensual and erotic massages, can enhance both ladies and gentlemen. This will also include how to arouse your lover in a tantric way through touches during our sexy massage sessions in London.

Ejaculatory ControlDo you have problems with ejaculatory control? Want to know how to enjoy much more longer sensual and erotic foreplay?  We teach you how to have orgasmic experiences without losing your energy not even having a physical orgasm unless you actually want one! we will show you how your inner power within, through tantric breathing, plus more secret techniques can be delayed for as long as possible!

Body to Body Massage

A fully nude body to body can be included, this is a new modern addition, optional, so both you and your chosen masseuse are both naked, she uses all her body to slide and you receive this wonderful experience, it is one of the very best to try out of all the treatments, as the intimacy is doubled done on a bed, or mattress, other options mutual or reverse massage or even for those that like the G-spot or prostate massage this is also an added option.

Reduction Of Blood Pressure

Massage by its natural relaxation helps to lower blood pressure and alleviate this life-threatening condition. Through careful use of a diet, low in saturated fat, and cutting down on stress helps to reduce blood pressure, also avoiding smoking cigarettes altogether, all clinically proven to help.

An Increase Of  Passion And Sex Drive

Our happy ending massage in London would increase your sexual drive and your hormones, as it stimulates the full-body sensory emotions to increase, helpful if your under stress, tired or just need a boost, it is 100% natural and healthy. A natural health drive also helps to dissolve anger and frustration.

Decreases Depression And Improve Self Esteem

If you increase you’re staying power as a man it can help increase your confidence, stimulates naturally sexual drive and libido, therefore stagnant energy is removed, energy uplifted!

Improves Sleep

Are you lacking sleep? Many don’t sleep long enough or just find it difficult to let go, with too many thoughts and worries. The process is easier said than done. However, tantric massage is the top priority in this regards, as it helps to naturally get us in a meditative way, which is always very helpful! It delivers pure relaxation! The mind and body both receive that inner peace and inner sanctuary we all crave and need for health.

Make You A better lover

After tantric ejaculatory control and various ways we teach here at Joy’s massage, we encourage naturally that as a lover, you will be equipped to expand your knowledge and orgasmic potency, to prolong your sexual drive and ability to delay orgasms, means sharing tantric intimacy is supreme. Check our in-call service page for a variety of sessions including how to massage the masseuse or delayed lingam.

How To Massage Ladies The Tantra Way

A key to sensual and sexual enlightenment, sense the surge of energy rising through your body. By increasing awareness through physical touch, it creates an abundance of joy in the body, we start to feel alive again, but it’s not what we do but also how we apply the touch! It is not just sexual it has many different layers that give depth and raising our own awareness gives us the rich emotions of experiencing deeper parts of our self.

Incredible new and exciting venture! by simply learning how to touch sensitively, ladies prefer soft loving touches, our clients have said it really enhanced their sex drive, in a positive way by practicing massage on your therapist, wife, or girlfriend, you learn so much, truly sensational liberating, fun, of course, they can message you back!

Our special loving touches during adult massage sessions in London will make you feel reborn again! You welcome to give me ring to book a session you will discover something new and adventure waiting to make you feel young and virile! Telephone number – 0753-8778-018!