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Nuru massage in London

Lets get slippery! Nuru massage London masseuses use their naked bodies to tantalise you, fully nude masseuse, will use her entire nakedness  telephone – 07538778018 to slide and glide all over your entire body.

Feel my naked soft skin next to yours, this entire massage is done on a special bed, using this Japanese gel, which has a consistency of silky lube! this is one of the most arousing sexual massages you can ever experience!

After we both take a shower, and dry, we then go to the spa room to dry then get ready for ultra  fun body slide. I will warm the gel first, as it touches your skin, you will feel the sensations, as if a part of you has just come to life! a beautiful current of sensual nectar will flood your body with pure delight!  – we will do other special erotic touches to keep you on the edge, simmer you, on the boil, then off the boil, this keeps building up, as the arousal starts to move all round your whole naked body, you will feel tingles, and passion rising through your back and down your arms and legs.

The gel does not have any scented smells, its clear and no perfume, and very easy to wash off, just a simple shower, and its all gone, so don’t worry it will not mark your clothes and neither leave any traces, yes there’s literally no oil with this, its this special slippery gel, originates from seaweed, high in minerals, which makes it so original and unique service for you to try.

Nude girl next to you,  far more than just a sensual massage, this time its the nakedness and soft skin of our beautiful therapist to enchant you with her feminine energy, feel revived, lubricated, relaxed, toned, and very aroused, all in one plus more in this provocative encounter!

Feelings become so high, you will be amazed ! by using her breath, and other soothing, and erotic touches, you will be bathed in luxury silk, while your erotic feelings get higher at each moment, enjoy every minute, this moment is now!

Each masseuse has her own style but always nude massages with nuru massage London masseuses will be extra special, especially at joys tantric massage in Bayswater, london.

Do give me a call if you have any questions, open 6 days a week. we can book you today or in advance!