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Four Hands Tantric Massage

Four Hands MassageFour Hands Tantric Massage , is a luxury experience for a man with an adventurous spirit, who would like to experience the ultimate luxury in Erotic massages, of the finest!

The choices are varied, choose sensual massage, or Erotic with Prostate as another option, or Body to body as an experience with two of our gorgeous, qualified masseuses.

it is an unforgetable rich experience that brings you higher states of blissful pleasures, that give remarkable results, for treating general stress, and after a hard long week at work, what better ways to let go and let two of our superb, and highly qualified, masseuses to take care of you!

Heres some options –

Tantric Massage, with delayed traditional tantra techniques, this gives you the ultimate explorative experience, for finding how this type of all over sensual teasing and tactile hands, with 4 hands, thats two masseuses, exploring your body, full naturist, that is all 3 of you will be naked, enjoying the views of nude body to body sliding as another option.

Body to body – A full nude massage using body slides on front and back of your body, with special gliding and sliding, imagine that with two ladies, alternating! – thats what dreams are made of?!

Nuru Massage – If you fancy the Nuru massage it includes a slippery gel neutral colour no smell to it, it has the ability to give you, a even more beautiful body slides as the gel feels like silk.

Smooth and soft, feel the energy rise, as two fabulous girls body glide and slide with you to a mesmerising climax of silky soft, nuru gel the superior ultimate in extra ordinary eroticism at its highest peaks!

Prostate Massage – This can be added as an addition, to you 4 hands dream come to life!, each lady will take it in turn to stimulate and massage your prostate.

Bbe prepared for relaxation, and fun! sensual or erotic, our ladies can tune you up, to higher states of bordering on an orgasm, then, slow it down, then take you up again, to the point of no return!

Awaken your body to the the’light of Tantric’ just like a match is striked in the dark, you will feel a spark an ignition come to life! this is your sexual energy been brought out to the light of awareness! Many guys still dont know the secrets of a really tantric massage! as many ask how many times can I come in an hour?!

So I reply, just try a tantric orgasm once in your life, you wil see how different and powerful, delightful and stimulating, as it surges your whole body to achieve greater depths of pleasure, which two orgasms done by a massage parlour girl, will not deliver the tantric experience!

I promise you, you wont regret it! so I pleaded with a couple of previous guys who actually ask how many orgasms in an hour can I get?! well that to me is cheating yourself, that can diminish a mans energy very fast!

My intention is to maximise your – energy that is captivated, and the quality of the whole experience, of a tantric orgasm that gives you the spice of life, an elixir so needed, to maximise any man’s potential!

When you actually have a real ‘Tantric orgasm’ it ripples through your body! -you will never forget it can be explosive and incredible release. to book this call our receptionist on 07538778018.

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