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Erotic massage london

Erotic Massage London with specialist masseuses, deliver a more special sensual and erotic massage, by using Erotic touch, very essential techniques are applied, using hand movements, and subtle finger touch, in the most desirable places.

Joy Erotic massage London are specially tailor made to suit individual clients, and therefore your experience will always be unique.

We take our work very seriously, all the staff here have to be qualified in the fine art of sensuous touch, taught by very experienced qualified tantrically trained teachers, who have many years experience in the field of touch therapy.

Experience the heightened pleasure of having a full body experience that makes every part of your body tingle, with pleasure,  you can choose from a list of our London erotic massages, go to incall page and see the most amazing erotica of massages!

Choose Tantric with extra lingam, means you will get twice as much erotic foreplay, the masseuse will tease your entire body from all areas front and back!  feel her naked body next to yours if you book any of our Body to body massages, or the special exclusive Nuru gel ultra slippery massage, sheer sensational!  many clients love this as it has the intimacy and body contact, we also include yoni massage, means your able to massage the masseuse in an erotic or sensual way, it is always best to be guided, by each therapist as to how to massage or touch as one must adhere to her boundaries.

Most ladies like soft gentle touches, and caresses, its always a good start, we will show you how to touch or massage the masseuse, it is an art form and we believe that men and woman should be able to share this naturally.

What is the purpose of erotic or sensual massage?  – It is a natural way to be turned on and be given heightened pleasure through the art of exclusive touch, by very expert hands, who know how to give you the utmost pleasure!

Our professional teachers have trained our girls to give you the best experience, by relaxing the body and introducing you to our varies different styles of erotic teasing, with extra lingam, meaning the penis tease prolonging and delaying your whole orgasmic pleasure.

Our tantra breath techniques take you to sexy peaks of  indulgence, bordering on orgasm, several times, this is true erotica, as most sensual massages don’t deliver such expert eroticism, only by the trained tantras, working with your individual energy, once you reach the ultimate orgasm, you will be astounded how powerful and explosive this experience is, as it wakes you up to tap into the ultimate part of yourself.

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Erotic feelings help to remove daily stresses, and release pleasure endorphins, these are the most desirable to experience as it melts your stress, and releases a wonderful chemical called oxytocyn, this gives feelings of satisfaction, and very similar to feeling wanted and loved, when oxytocyn is released the body is flooded with the utmost pleasure hormones, its one of the best ways to beat stress in our lives!

Enjoy, relax, and saviour every moment, this is a life changing experience, for those who are open to receiving, and learn to enjoy life!