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Yoni Massage London

Joy Tantric Massage London, based in Bayswater, w2.  teach Yoni Massage in London,  telephone – 07538778018. We teach sensual massages including Tantric and the special intimate erotic massage, known as yoni massage. We start with relaxation then leading to the real art of touch,  this is a special blend, that is individualised and styled differently, the masseuse will guide you, on how to massage her, each therapist has her own style, and will guide you accordingly. Yoni is the most intimate part of a woman’s body, her sacred temple.

By starting with relaxation massage, is a sure way to relax the muscles, therefore gradually inviting the senses to open up and be receptive. How to approach the female body is to be soft and gentle, especially at the beginning, always go by the guidance of each woman as all ladies enjoy different types of touch, there will be emphasis on the erogenous zones, slowly, and a full body subtle touch to start with.

We use oil, or nuru gel, or you can use no substances, both can be achieved, how to sensually stimulate the yoni, which is the sanskrit word for the most private area, in the female, – vagina, we can use various hand movements, including very tactile caressing, butterfly touch, we will introduce you to, many different ways to touch and stimulate.

We start with the back of the body, covering back, neck, arms, legs, in-between the legs, but very soft and barely touching, then the lady turns over, you will be guided to touch, using oil, which is a special one we use it is especially slippery, which is more erotic to use on the body, slides and glides, in a delectable way!

After on the front part of the body, we do the legs, stomach and breasts, everything again must be subtle, never be fast hard, pinch or harsh pressure, unless you are requested in certain areas to be firmer.

Women are very sensitive to touch, which creates emotions, how we touch her is very important, the beginning of the way a mans touch, can hinder or give much sensual pleasure, so the man’s touch, must develop in a of form of trust, this comes with practice and sheer guidance by the lady who is  receiving yoni massage.

Sometimes we call it mutual massage, but yoni massage is actually more specific, as its focus is mainly on the female sexuality. Some ladies have never had the trust and sensual touch they need in order to achieve Orgasm, although this is not the full aim of the yoni massage, but due to emotional blockages, hurts in the past, lack of trust, and poor communication in personal relationships, many women have never ever even had an orgasm!

Something that many men, cant imagine that’s possible! but sadly its true, many ladies spend all their lives never knowing how it feels to reach sexual orgasmic experience!

Yoni massage helps women to connect on a more intimate level, where the energy is mainly concentrated on the woman herself, without having to please her partner, sometimes receiving pleasure independently can help to sexually heal, by concentrating on her own sexual needs.