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Welcome to my 1st page on Joy’s sexy Massage blog.   16 July 2013.

Although many of us are discovering about the many different types of massages available, each one has its own beneficial capacity to heal our bodies, whether its the simple traditional way for relaxation, as in Swedish, holistic, or deep tissue massage, and these have enormous  benefits for our health.

Big cities seem to zoom and go round and round, the traffic, the appointments, schedules, tasks, demands, many of us are just even too busy to think about taking time out for ourselves, while others opt for for a night out drinking in a local bar or pub, to escapes life stresses.

I discovered back long ago, how valuable it is, to receive a tantric massage, and loved the feeling and the euphoric bliss that gives me inner peace, like a dreamy meditative state of drifting on cloud 9 !  it certainly helped me sleep a lot better, and woke up next day feeling uplifted, and happy!

My muscles were more relaxed, and the tension in my back was eased, -you could feel it was so beneficial, nourishing, and woke up smiling! – well that was my first ever massage, and I thought wow that is pure therapy!

Apart from letting go of the physical tension, whilst been massaged, endorphins are released, these are natural painkiller chemicals which our bodies create, to combat stress,  the blood pressure drops, and allows one to drift to a sleepy like mind state, so it helps to heal us, as so many of us just don’t switch off!

What I really love about massage, is that the sheer manipulation of  massage pressure and hand movements, can achieve such a long list of health benefits, and its something we can all do on each other, to a friend, a partner or lover, that is give and receive massages on each other.

Although some training is ideally required, we can all get the benefits of tactile therapies.   I also later discovered Thai massage, which is quite a firm massage, includes yoga stretches, intertwined with massage and using elbows, arms, forearms and the masseuse or masseur can walk on the back of the body, it helps to increase circulation, and improve posture, also helps to align the back more straighter from the firmness of the pressure. This kind of massage is best suited to healthy persons, not ideal if your much older than 60, who has any physical ailments, as it can be over stimulating for the elderly, Swedish or holistic and therapeutic is a much better choice for elderly people. All massages clean the blood,  improve circulation, clears the lymph nodes, removes lactic acid, especially useful for sports people, dancers, and active people.

Other benefits, lowers your blood pressure, that is so valuable these days, many ailments can be treated with various different types of massage, depending what you need help with.

For example, headaches can be caused from bad diet, stress, worry, toxins, muscular tension, repetitive strain injury, bad posture, long hours of driving, or been on a desk for many hours, our muscles start to get tense so the muscles hold knots, and by the usage of massaging in the correct way, we can improve or heal many different types ailment, and sickness prevention.

Another example, is migraines or headaches, can be improved with Indian head  massage, as we, release the tension, it encourages the body to let go mentally and physically, so we can feel well again, the  much improved circulation is one key factor for making massages so effective.


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